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Content Update 5763 [Apr 2003ce].
The Aaron Camhi Family of Monastir This family tree is a dramatic and vivid illustration of continual inter-mingling of both related and unrelated families with the same family name.
Three different sons of Jacobo Pardo and Miriam Mayo married women of different branches of this family.
Related Sefaradí families include: Alhanti, Calderon, other Camhis, Mayo, Pardo, Rafael/Raphael, Uziel/Oziel, Sarfati.

This section compiled from material provided by Irving Camhi, May 2001ce, and earlier by Eliezer Raphael of Mexico City. Supplemented, May, 2003ce, by Scott Albert Pardo.

  • *Aaron Camhi -m. *Rivka [??]
    This couple were married in Monastir. We know about three of their children: Sunchu, Esther, Shabetay.
    • *Sunchu/Simba/SophieOf blessed memory. Born 1880, Monastir. Deceased Aug 8, 1960. Camhi -m. *JosephOf blessed memory. Born 1880, Monastir. Deceased Aug 18, 1960, NY USA. Pardo
      [ Go ]Joseph Pardo was a son of Jacobo Pardo and Miriam Mayo..
      Joseph and Sophie had seven children:
      • *JackOf blessed memory. Born 1910 Monastir. Deceased 1928, NY USA. (b'Joseph) Pardo
        Jack is buried in the Monastirli section of the Mt Carmel Cemetery in Queens, NY, USA.
      • *BeckyOf blessed memory. Born 1913 Monastir. Deceased Aug 7, 1940, Mexico DF. Pardo -m. *Meir (Mario)Of blessed memory. Born May 15, 1902, Monastir. Deceased Jun 16, 1956, Mexico DF. Pardo Mayo
        Becky married her uncle Meir—her father's younger brother.
        [ Go ]Mario Pardo was a son of Jacobo Pardo and Miriam Mayo..
        Becky and Mario were married December 1932, and had three children.
        According to the practice in most Spanish-speaking countries, since Mario's mother's maiden name was Mayo, he was addressed as Mario Pardo Mayo, and his family is known as the Pardo Mayo family.
        • Miriam Pardo
        • AliciaOf blessed memory. Born Oct 1, 1934, Mexico DF. Deceased Oct 17, 1970, Mexico DF. Pardo -m. Salomon Raphael (Rafael)
          Alicia and Salomon were married 03/21/53 in Mex DF (Mexico City), and had three children. Some members of this family use the "ph" spelling, and others use the "f".
          • Send e-mail Eliezer Raphael - m. [??] Photo
          • Mario Raphael
          • Leon Rafael
          • Esther Raphael
          • Jacqueline Raphael
        • IsaacOf blessed memory. Born Jun 23, 1939, Mex DF. Deceased, Mexico DF. Pardo
      • Miriam/Mary Pardo -m. [???] LeibowitzOf blessed memory
      • Annie Pardo
      • Samuel (Shabetai)Of blessed memory. Born Aug 20, 1919 NY. Deceased Sep 3, 1963. Pardo
      • Tamar (Tery) Pardo -m. MorrisOf blessed memory (b'Isaac) Calderon
        Formerly of 101 Allen St. in NYC. Active in The Sephardic synagogue of Cedarhurst.
        • [daughter] -m. [???]
          • [daughter]
      • Rachel Pardo
    • *EstherRemember Always Camhi -m. [??] Camhi
      • *Boulissa Camhi -m. *Ben-Sion Camhi (known as Izhak in the US).
        This couple was married in Monastir, and emigrated with their whole family, except for Esther, who stayed behind, and was apparently a victim of the destroyers in the Holocaust.
        My grandmother lived at 66 Rivington St, 2 in from the corner of Rivington and Allen. There was a candy/drug store across the street there and my dad used to buy cigars there, and they had a bunsen-type burner always lit to help the customers light their cigars. Next door a few down was a sephardic grocery store where they had barrels of olives, queso blanco, lacerda, and prepared borecas for sale, plus other goodies. On the same side of the street of my grandmother's house was a pool hall. As a kid I used to sneak in and mingle with the older guys. Also on that side of the street a few doors down, if my memory serves me well, was a Streit's matzo factory. Down a few blocks on Allen in the direction of the bridge there was also a club for men. And my mother would ask me to go there and tell my father when it was time to leave for Brooklyn, and I used to walk up the stairs, room filled with cigar smoke, and the men played pinochle there also, my dad would order me a yogurt (yogut) before I left there. That was a vivid memory.
        Recollections contributed by Irving Camhi
        • Max Camhi
        • Albert Camhi
        • *Haim Camhi -m. Bienvenida Uziel (Oziel)
          Haim was born in Monastir in 1896. His wife was born in Tekirdag Turkey. This couple was married (1922) in New York. Lived among countrymen on Rivington St. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Moved to Brooklyn, NY 1940, then to Los Angeles, California 1950.
          • Rebecca Camhi
          • Esther Camhi
          • Clara Camhi
          • Shirley Camhi
          • [ Send e-mail ]Irving Camhi
            • [??]
            • Beth Camhi -m. [??]
        • Miriam/Mary Camhi -m. Salomon/Solomon Pardo
          Solomon Pardo was a brother to Miriam's uncle, Joseph Pardo.
          [ Go ]Salomon Pardo was a son of Jacobo Pardo and Miriam Mayo..
          Miriam and Salomon were married in New York. Settled in New Lots among countrymen. Lived on Malta Street. Solomon was the President of the Monastirli Williams Ave synagogue for many years.
          • Albert "Abe" Pardo
          • MurrayOf blessed memory. Born ??. Deceased 1996, Las Vegas, NV. Pardo -m. Betty Rothenberg
            • Albert "Abe"Of blessed memory. Born ??. Deceased 1990. Pardo -m. Susan Alhanti
              Susan Alhanti's family were Izmirlis.
              • MarionOf blessed memory. Born ~1950. Deceased 1985. Pardo
                Marion passed away prematurely at the age of 35.
              • Sherri Pardo
              • Lois Pardo
            • MurrayOf blessed memory. Born ??. Deceased 1996, Las Vegas, NV. Pardo -m. Betty Rothenberg
              Betty Rothenberg Pardo, was also related to the Sarfati family. Her Paternal Grandmother was a Sarfati.
              • Send e-mailScott Albert Pardo -m. Gail Covitt
                [Wesley Hills, NY]
                • Michael Avraham Pardo
                • Yehudah Aryeh Pardo
                • Jeremy David Pardo
              • Erika Pardo -m. Rick Grotch
              • Jackie Pardo
            • Irving Pardo -m. Ellen [??]
              • Scott Pardo
              • Alan Pardo
      • Shabetay Camhi
        We have no information about this son of Aaron and Rivka Camhi.

This section assembled May 2001ce from material provided by Irving Camhi. If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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