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Content update 5765 [July 2005ce].
The Menachem Aroesty Family Tree This section is dedicated to the family history of descendants of Menachem Aroesty of Monastir. In the U.S. some branches of this family use Aresty.
Relationship Notes
Jack Aroesty, a son of Menachem, married Evelyn Cassorla, a daughter of Nissim Elias Cassorla, in the Elias Cassorla family tree.

In addition, the close ties among many of the families from the region can be seen in the details of some of their lives, recounted here, and in the continuing intertwining between these families and others appearing in other parts of this Web-site, including: Baker/Beahhaar/BenYakaar, Camhi, multiple Cassorla families, Colonomos, DeMayo, Farash, Nahmias, Sarfaty.
Material in this section contributed by many family members. Most recent updates from Jane Aresty Silverman, Patricia Wendell.

  • *MenachemOf blessed memory J. Aroesty "Papoo" - m. [??]
    First of all, there was Menachem J. Aroesty ("Papoo") the elder who emigrated from Monastir, and settled in Rochester. He was widely known as Tío Menachem. He had five children: Yehuda, Nissim, Max, Jack and Pressia.

    Later, Menachem left Rochester and went to Palestine (Turkey) in his old age to die--stopping in the old country to acquire a wife (from Monastir?)--and apparently lived for several years in Jerusalem before being buried in the Mount of Olives. (Not much is known by my family about this period of his life).

    • *YehudaOf blessed memory Aroesty - m. Mató Nahmias
      (First born of Menachem J. Aroesty.)
      A wonderful story about how they met, also provides an interesting sidelight on "match-making" in the Old Country.
      My grandmother came from Kastoria. She told me that her father brought her by wagon to Monastir to meet Yehuda Aroeste, a prospective husband. She said her father told her that the Aroestes were a very nice family, but she didn't have to become Yehuda's bride if she did not want to. Grandmother (Nona) said the Aroestes seemed very nice so she decided to become Yehuda's wife. The story brought a smile to her face.
      Reminiscence contributed by their grandson, Jim Granite, July 2002.
      Family lore has it that the Nahmias family name is a derivative of the name "Nachmanides", signifying descent from the great sage also known as the "RAMBAN".
      Yehuda and Mató Aroesty had nine children (six sons and three daughters): Jules, Ann (Annie), Esther, Victor, Maurice (Morrie), Joseph (Joey), Helen, Gerald, and Jerome.
      • *Julian J. "Jules"Of blessed memory. B. 1907; d. Sep 21 1999ce, 11 Tishrei 5760. Aresty - m. Esther BradfordOf blessed memory. B. 1908?; d. Dec 23 2000ce.
        Emigrated to the US at the age of 5, the family first settled in Rochester, NY.
        He settled ... in Trenton in 1941 before moving to Princeton 30 years ago. Mr. Aresty was vice president of Mandel Brothers department store in Chicago and executive vice president of Gimbel Brothers in Milwaukee before becoming co-owner, with Charles Levy, of S.P. Dunham and Company, Trenton, in 1941.
        An active civic leader, he was a founding member of Greenacres Country Club and a trustee of Har Sinai Temple, Trenton, as well as a member of the United Jewish Federation of Princeton Mercer Bucks, Greenwood House Home for the Jewish Aged in Ewing and the Rotary Club.
        His major philanthropy was the University of Pennsylvania, where the Julian Aresty Professorship was created in 1988. The family also endowed the Aresty Institute for Executive Education, scholarships for undergraduate minority students at the university's Wharton School and the Esther B. Aresty Rare Book Collection in Culinary Arts to the university library.
        Donations may be made to the Aresty Foundation, PO Box 3065, Princeton 08543.
        From an obituary in the New Jersey Jewish News
        Esther Aresty was renowned as an author and collector. Her fabled trove of books and unpublished manuscripts of recipes, advice on etiquette and household hints, spanning five centuries, now fills the Esther B. Aresty Collection on the Culinary Arts at the University of Pennsylvania. Her passing was memorialized in an extensive (copyrighted) article in the NYTimes December 28, 2000ce.
        • Robert J. Aresty
        • Jane Aresty -m. IraOf blessed memory. Silverman
          • Sarah Silverman
            Sarah is a singer, performing under the name Sarah Aroeste. She and her band perform Ladino music, updated with a Middle Eastern and Latin beat. They are trying to keep the music alive for a new generation. See her website for more info.
          • Jacob Silverman -m. Katie Slotnick
            [ New York ]
            • Ari Howard Silverman
            • Henry Jordan Silverman
          • Rachel Silverman -m. Alex Robinson
            Rachel is a staff reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Alex is a graphic artist.
      • Ann "Annie" Aresty - m. Sam Camhi
        [Pittsford, NY]
        • Joel Camhi
        • Milton Camhi
        • Alan Camhi
      • Esther Aresty - m. (1) Arthur Gordon
        • [DDS]James "Jim" Granite
          [Endodontist in suburban Philadelphia, PA.]
          [ Esther ]    - m. (2) Arthur Granite
        [Pittsford, NY]
      • VictorOf blessed memory J. Aresty - m. Pola Granek
        After his death from pancreatic cancer, his family endowed the Victor J. Aresty Professorship in Medicine at Harvard Medical School. See the touching tribute to his life at www.victorjaresty.org.
        • Neil Aresty -m. Estee Rappaport
          • Zack Aresty
        • Jeffrey Aresty -m. Ellen Gould
          • Send e-mailJosh Aresty
          • Abby Aresty
          • JoJo Aresty
      • Maurice "Morrie" Aresty - m. Sari [??]
        • Joel Aresty
        • Anne Aresty
      • Joseph "Joey" Aresty - m. Katherine "Kitty" Fortuin
        Since the early 1960s, Joseph, Gerald and Jerome Aresty have run Alfred Dunner Inc., a clothing business in Parsippany, N.J.
        • Peter Aresty
        • Steven Aresty
      • Helen Aresty - m. Irving Fine
        • Marcia Fine
        • Michael Fine
      • GeraldOf blessed memory. D.8/29/2002ce, age 76. Aresty - m. JosephineOf blessed memory. D.8/29/2002ce, age71. Rizzo
        This couple perished tragically in an automobile accident, August 29, 2002ce.
        Since the early 1960s, Joseph, Gerald and Jerome Aresty have run Alfred Dunner Inc., a clothing business in Parsippany, N.J.
        Belonged to Temple B'Nai Or in Morristown, NJ.
        In an obituary in the Democrat and Chronicle, the Aresty's were lauded for their philanthropy, which had included: $3 million to the University of Southern California for a cancer center, $2 million for two Rutgers University scholarships. Other recipients included the Morristown Memorial Hospital in New Jersey, and St. Ann's Community in Rochester, where Mrs. Aresty's late mother had resided.
        • Jeffrey Aresty -m. [??]
          [Missoula, Mont.]
          • [??]
        • David Aresty -m. [??]
          [Far Hills, NJ]
          • [??]
      • Jerome Aresty - m. Lorraine Kabakoff
        Since the early 1960s, Joseph, Gerald and Jerome Aresty have run Alfred Dunner Inc., a clothing business in Parsippany, N.J.
        • Karen Aresty
        • James Aresty
    • NissimOf blessed memory Aroesty - m. MatildaOf blessed memory (Matil/Mazal Tov) Colonomus
      Second born of Menachem J. Aroesty.
      [This seems to be the same Matilda Colonomos, also called Mató Aroesty, mentioned in Sophie Baker Elias' papers as having been on the same ship when they entered the US. For more information about [Sophie, and their trip,] see her entry in the Baker family tree.
      She was a bright woman, ran the family firmly. She is said to have been well educated in Turkey before coming to the US. I believe she spent some time in school in Istanbul. She and Nissim made many wise investments in real estate during and immediately after World War II. He became the richest of the brothers, although his only job was as a sewer or presser at the Bond's Clothes factory. He died after gall bladder surgery at about age 62. The best source of information on Matilda would be Sally Graff who lived in Matil's home before her marriage, with her husband and children after the marriage, leaving only after Matil died.
      Provided by Dr. Julian M. Aroesty

      One of Matil's sisters, "Streya" (Estrella) married Shabetay Baker. And Streya's daughter, Sarah Baker, married Gabriel "Red" Cassorla. Another sister, Anna, married David Calderon.

      Nissim and Matil Aroesty had six children: Abraham, Chaim, Sarah, Menachem, Annette, and Solomon.

      • Abraham Aroesty - m. Ray (Rachel?) [??]
        [Both retired, now live in a nursing home on the West Coast of the US.]
        • Steven Aroesty
      • Chaim (Hy?) Aroesty
          - m. [??]
          - m. Pat [??]
      • Sarah (Sally) Aroesty - m. Robert Graff
        Settled and raised their family among countrymen in Rochester.
        • Marilynne Graff -m. Robert Mitchell
          [Rochester, NY]
          • [JD] Bradley Louis Mitchell -m. Robyn Millman
            [Kendall Park, NJ]
            • Alexander Louis Mitchell
            • Jacob Samuel Mitchell
            • Lindsay Beth Mitchell
          • Jeffery Alan Mitchell -m. Cecilia Newsom
            • Eric Mitchell
          • Sherri Ann Mitchell -p. Christine Dobrovich
            Operates Delaware Pet Stuff in Delaware, Ohio.
        • Betty Graff -m. Joe Rodrigues
          • Brian Leonard -m. Karen [??]
            • Nicolas Robert Leonard
            • Jesse Leonard
            • Dominic Leonard
            • Brooklyn Leonard
        • Nissanne Alice Graff -m. Tom Howell
          • Anthony William Howell
          • Phillip Robert Howell
          • Lorretta Marie Howell
          • Theodore Howell
      • MenachemOf blessed memory. D. June 19, 1995ce. ("Julie") (Julian S.) Aroesty m. Selma Seldowitz
        Julian passed away 1995 in the Atlanta metro area.
        Menahem "Julie" was a very dear buddy.... A funny story about him. Julie got his draft notice from the Army (about 1942ce) and was asked to bring his birth certificate. When his mother opened the drawer (the early "safe deposit box" where all important papers were kept) he saw that it was made out to "Menahem" Aroesty. That is when he first discovered his real name was not "Julie!!!"
        Provided 1997 by Hy Elias.
        • Send e-mailMichael Haskell Aroesty -m. Pamela Joan "Pam" White
          • Sellen Patricia Aroesty
          • Aldrich Samuel "Asa" Aroesty
        • Nancy Aroesty -m. Douglas MacLean
          • Send e-mailHeather MacLean
      • Annette Aroesty - m. Art Wedge
        According to his great-niece, Heather, Art makes "really good chocolate chip pancakes."
        • Neil Wedge
        • Marla Wedge
        • Brian Wedge
      • Send e-mail Solomon (Solly) Aroesty - m. Stella Levy
        • Pamela Aroesty -m. [??]
          • Shaun
          • Jennifer
        • Marcie Aroesty -m. [??]
          • Trevor
          • David
        • Norman Aroesty -m. [??]
          • Allie Aroesty
          • Taylor Aroesty
      {End of descendant lists for Nissim (son of Menachem J. Aroesty) and Matil Aroesty.}
    • Max Aroesty - m. (1) MollyOf blessed memory, deceased at a relatively young age. (Malka) Farash
      Max Aroesty, third child of Menachem J. Aroesty, married twice. His first wife, Molly Farash, passed away at a relatively young age. Molly's brother is Max Farash, of the Farash Corporation, Rochester.
      After Molly's passing, Max married Lena.
      Max and Molly Aroesty had three children: Morry, Annie, and Julian.
      • Send e-mailMorris (Morry) Aroesty - m. Cynthia Kaplan
        Now of Boynton Beach, FL and Keuka Lake, NY.
        • Send e-mailMiriam Aroesty - m. John O'Connell
          Now of Rhode Island.
          • Matthew Peter O'Connell
          • Rebbeca Hannah O'Connell
        • Send e-mail Robert Aroesty - m. Send e-mail Cheryl Williams
          Robert is Executive Director of the Summit at Brighton, (the Rochester Jewish Home's Retirement Community).
          • Allyson Rachael Aroesty
          • Hannah Emily Aroesty
        • Send e-mailMatthew Aroesty - m. Nancy Kitching
          • Max Julian Aroesty
        {End of descendant lists for Morry (son of Max Aroesty) and Cynthia Aroesty.}
      • Anne (Annie/Nunnie) Aroesty. - m. Hyman DeMayo
        Hyman and Nunnie DeMayo, now of Rochester, NY and Sunrise, FL had three children: Richard, Marcy and Lisa.
        • Richard DeMayo - m. Karen Bareis
          • Jason DeMayo
          • Courtney DeMayo
          • Brian DeMayo
        • Send e-mail Marcy DeMayo - m. Stephen Kay
          • Rachel Anne Kay
          • Sarah Emily Kay
        • Elyse Stacey "Lisa" DeMayo - m. J. Kevin Glover
        {End of descendant lists for Nunnie (daughter of Max Aroesty) and Hyman DeMayo.}
      • Send e-mail [Dr]Julian (Menachem) Aroesty - m. (1) Paulette Bolton
        Julian, third child of Max and Molly Aroesty, married twice.
        • Send e-mail Steven Mitchell (Mordechai ben Menachem) Aroesty - m. (1) Karen Shapiro
          • Joshua Lionel Aroesty
          • Sophie Rachel Aroesty
        • [ Send e-mail ] Marla Beth (Malka) Aroesty - m. [ Send e-mail ] Todd Fields
          • Brandon Tyler Fields
          • Kira Fields

        {End of descendant lists for Julian Max Aroesty, (son of Max Aroesty) and his first wife, Paulette.}
        [Julian]   - m. (2) Elaine Cronin
        Now of Boston.
        • David Cronin Aresty
        • Adam Max Aresty
      • {End of descendant lists for Julian Max Aroesty, (son of Max Aroesty) and his second wife, Elaine.}

      {End of descendant lists for Max Aroesty, (son of Menachem J. Aroesty) and his first wife, Molly.}
      [Max]   - m. (2) Lena [??]
      (Second wife of Max Aroesty.)
      (Lena also had another daughter, Irene, who married Moe Sarfaty.)
      Max and Lena Aroesty had one child.
      • Marlene Aroesty - m. [Dr] Howard B. Fine
        • Lindsey Fine - m. Noel Kurth
          • Anna Joy
        • Send e-mail Matthew Fine -m. Julie Connell
      {End of descendant lists for Max Aroesty, (son of Menachem J. Aroesty) and his second wife, Lena.}
      {End of descendant lists for Max Aroesty, son of Menachem J. Aroesty.}
    • Jack Aroesty - m. *Evelyn Cassorla
      Jack was the fourth born of Menachem J. Aroesty.
      [ Go ]Evelyn was the eldest child of Nissim and Pressia Cassorla of the Elias Cassorla family.
      [Lived in Rochester]
      Evelyn (Cassorla) and Jack Aroesty had Julian, Norman and Helen.
      • Julian Aroesty - m. Roseanne [??]
        • Jack Aroesty
        • David Aroesty
        • Jody Aroesty
      • Norman Aroesty
      • Helen Aroesty - m. Lee Tinsman
        • Joel Tinsman
        • Alan Tinsman
        • Michael Tinsman

      {End of descendant lists for Jack Aroesty, son of Menachem J. Aroesty, and his wife, Evelyn, daughter of Nissim and Pressia Cassorla.}
    • Pressia Aroesty - m. David Cohen
      Pressia was the fifth born of Menachem J. Aroesty.
      Pressia and David had six children (five daughters and one son): Anne, Esther, Lillian, Mary, Haskell, and Lee.
      • Anne Cohen - m. Sam Cohen
        • Beverly Cohen -m. Stanley Newhouse
          • Send e-mailAlana D. Newhouse
            Alana is the Send e-mail Arts & Culture editor with The Forward (a major Jewish weekly published in New York).
        • David Cohen -m. Michelle [??]
          • Elizabeth Cohen
          • Sharon Cohen
        • Phyllis Cohen
      • Esther Cohen - m. Maurice Freedman
        • Marilyn Freedman -m. [??] Horowitz
      • LillianOf blessed memory. Deceased July 22 1999 Cohen - m. MannyOf blessed memory. Deceased January  17 1965 Diamond
        • Howard Diamond -m. Elena [??]
          [Hoonah, Alaska]
          Howard is the superintendent of schools for the district.
          • Nathan Diamond
            Nathan is a teacher.
          • Laina Diamond
            Laina is a teacher.
          • Jack Diamond
        • Patricia Diamond -m. [??]
          • Sanford -m. [??]
            • Holly
            • Jesse
          • Michael
          • Eric
      • MaryOf blessed memory. Deceased 1938 Cohen - m. [??]
      • HaskellOf blessed memory. Deceased 1-30-45 Cohen - m. [??]
      • Lee Cohen - m. Marty Ellis

      {End of descendant list for Pressia Aroesty, daughter of Menachem J. Aroesty, and her husband, David Cohen.}
    {End of descendant lists for Menachem J. Aroesty.}

    This section last updated November 2004ce from material provided by Jane Aresty Silverman, March 2006ce from material provided by Patricia Wendell.
    If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family (Menachem Aroesty), or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
    Send e-mail Steven M. Aroesty
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