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The Avram Passo Tree

There were several families named Passo or Pesso in Monastir.

This section is dedicated to the family history of descendants of Avram Passo of Monastir.
Relationship Note
This family illustrates vividly the ways in which many families from Monastir and the entire region were inter-related.

This one family is related to the following families: Almeleh, Alcabes, Aroesty, multiple Calderon and Camhi families, Cassorla, De Mayo, Gattegno, Hanan, Navon.

  • *AbrahamOf blessed memory Camhi -m. *EstherOf blessed memory Calderon
    The only child of this couple we have a record of is:
    • *DonaOf blessed memory. b. 1869. Died October 14, 1945ce Camhi -m. *AvramOf blessed memory Passo
      The children of this couple are listed below in the Avram Passo family tree.

  • *MayerOf blessed memory Passo -m. *SarahOf blessed memory [??]
    This couple had five children: Avram, Isaac, Jacob, Rebecca, Esther.
    Nothing is known of the the other four. The balance of this family tree is descended from Avram, and his wife, Dona (Camhi).
    • *AvramOf blessed memory Passo -m. *DonaOf blessed memory. b. 1869. Died October 14, 1945ce Camhi
      Avram and Dona Passo had six children: Rachel, Sarah, Mayer, Regina/Jennie, Estrella/Sophie, Celia/Sol.
      • *Rachel Passo
      • *Sara Passo -m. Solomon Cassorla
      • *MeyerOf blessed memory. b. Sept 22, 1891ce. Died Feb 1971ce Passo -m. ClaraOf blessed memory Navon
        Clara's sister Chana Navon married "Bohor" Aroesty

        Mayer/Meyer and Clara Passo had six children: Sarah, Rachael, Bernice, Pearl, Herbert, Abraham

        • Abraham "Abe" Passo -m. Jean De Mayo
          Jean De Mayo is the daughter of Morris De Mayo and Sarah Camhi De Mayo. (Sarah, is the sister of Ralph Camhi, who married Abraham's aunt Estrella Passo.)
          • Michael Passo -m. Norma Cotzin
            • Marc Passo
            • Ellen Passo
          • Jeffrey Passo -m. Sheryl Okun
            • Jillian Passo
            • Lindsey Passo
          • Claire Passo -m. David da Rosa
        • Sarah Passo -m. Daniel Kanner
          • Claire Kanner -m. (1) Richard Messier
            • Richard Messier
            • Jill Messier
          • Donna Kanner -m. Terrance McCarthy
          • Michael Kanner -m. [??]
            • [son]
          • Alan Kanner -m. Susan Chinman
            • Lauren Kanner
            • Lisa Kanner
            • Max Kanner
        • Rachael Passo -m. Mitchell Cohen
          According to Julia "his birth certificate says Michael, but Dad claims they got it wrong because of the language difficulties".
          • Julianne ("Julia") Cohen -m. [Rabbi]Allan Lyle Press
            • Shifra Leah Press -m. Scott Kauffmann
              • Evan Michael Kauffmann
              • Amelia Grace Kauffmann
            • Tova Press -m. Timothy John Waniger
              (They have taken the name JohnPress as their legal married name.)
              • Aliyah Julia JohnPress
            • Ari Press
          • Estelle Cohen -m. (1) Arthur Houtes
            • Michael Aaron Houtes
            • Marguerite Houtes
          • [ Estelle ] -m. (2) Milt [??]
          • MyraTwin Cohen -m. Christopher Morneau
            • Matthew Morneau
            • Brett Morneau
          • LeonardTwin Cohen -m. Marie [??]
          • Jack Cohen
          • Steve Cohen -m. Michelle [??]
        • Bernice/Bessie Passo -m. Irving ("Doc") Cohen
          • Bonnie Cohen -m. (1) Richard Wulsin
            • Rachel Wulsin -m. Wanderson ("Andy") DeFreitas
            • Seth Wulsin
          • [ Bonnie ] -m. (2) William ("Bill") Alstrom
            Bonnie and Bill own and operate The Inn at Tanglewood Hall, a bed-and-breakfast in York Harbor, Maine. Check it out!
          • Marc Cohen -m. Carol Tsimekles
            • Gabriel Cohen
          • Philip Cohen
        • Pearl Passo -m. Harry Nuger
          • Martin Nuger -m. Diane Weiderlight
            • Jennifer "Jennie" Nuger - m. Daniel Goldfarb
              • Molly Samantha (Malcha Sara) Goldfarb
          • Shelley Nuger -m. (1) Howard Newman
            • Perri Newman
            • Michael Newman
          • Claire Nuger -m. (1) Daniel Bouchard
            • Nathan Bouchard -m. Lindsey Taylor
            • Christopher Bouchard
        • [ Send e-mail ] Herbert Passo -m. Barbara Ann Cohen
          • Ilyse Passo -m. Shimon Ascher BenZagmi
            • Nina Claire BenZagmi
            • Sarah Avigail BenZagmi
            • Yehonatan Aaron BenZagmi
          • Rebecca Sahryn Passo -m. Christopher Robert Mikulski
            • Jacob Christopher Mikulski
      • *Regina/JennieOf blessed memory. b. July 10, 1901ce. Died June 1988ce Passo -m. Pincus Almeleh
        Pincus Almeleh was the son of Lazar Almeleh and Devorah Hanan. The couple had four children: Abraham, Nissim, Devorah, Lazar.
        • Abraham "Abe" Almeleh -m. Dorothy "Lalla" Weiner
        • Nissim Almeleh -m. Miriam Ellen Goldschmidt
        • Devorah "Debbie" Almeleh -m. Joseph "Joe" Alcabes
          Joe's family were from Kastoria.
        • Lazar "Lenny"Of blessed memory. b. Nov 14, 1937ce. Died June 9, 1998ce Almeleh -m. [ Send e-mail ] Wendy Levin
      • *Estrella (Sophie) "Straya"Of blessed memory. b. June 30, 1903ce. Died Oct 1981ce Passo -m. *Ralph Camhi
        Family lore has it that Estrella and her sister Sol, met their future husbands Ralph Camhi and Louie Camhi on the boat coming over to the US. Although they were all from Monastir, they may not have known one another since the Pesso girls, Jennie, Celia and Estrella had been living in Salonika at the time they emigrated.
        Ralph's sister Sarah Camhi married Morris De Mayo
      • *Sol (Celia)Of blessed memory. b. April 7, 1904ce. Died Oct 22 1989ce Passo -m. *Elias "Louie"Of blessed memory. b. Sept 20, 1902ce. Died Mar 3, 1956ce Camhi
        • Alice Camhi -m. Herbert Math
        • Sarah Camhi -m. Carlos Camhi
          [Houston, TX]
          [ Go ]Carlos is a son of Jacobo Camhi and Myriam Calderon of the Yeuda Camhi Family.
          Sarah and Carlos were "removed" (distant) cousins —their fathers were first cousins, sharing a paternal grandfather.
          • [ Send e-mail ] Jack Camhi -m. Ell Jana
            [Houston, TX]
            • Sarah Camhi -m. Andrew Taibel
              • Neal Michael Taibel
              • Elizabeth Jana Taibel
          • Miriam Camhi -m. Salomon "Semy" Levy
            • Rafael Levy -m. Jenny Becherano
              • Salomon Levy
              • Miriam Levy
            • Sara Levy -m. Ari Slomiansky
              • DanielOf blessed memory Slomianski
              • Jonathan Slomianski
              • Orly Slomianski
            • Carlos Levy
        • Dorothy "Dottie" Camhi -m. Paul Borenstein
        • Albert "Abe" Camhi -m. (1) Zelda Halewa (2) Robyn Raymond
        • Murray "Moe" Camhi -m. Betty Gattegno
          Gattegno was a famous family name among the Selaniklis. In the 1870s, the chief rabbi of the city of Salonica was a Gattegno.
    {End of descendant lists for Avram Passo.}

    This section is from material provided by Herbert Passo (Grandson of Avram, son of Mayer and Clara) and his wife, Barbara Cohen Passo, and updated from material provided by Marcy De Mayo Kay(1997ce), Wendy Almeleh(2000ce), Jack Camhi (August 2002ce), Barbara Passo (Nov 2002ce), Claire Passo (Mar 2003ce), Diane Nuger (Sept 2003ce), Rebecca Mikulski-Passo (Nov 2004ce) and Bonnie Cohen Alstrom (May 2005ce).

    If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family (Avram Passo) or to anyone mentioned in this section, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:

    Send e-mail Elie Cassorla .
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