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Content and Format New 5762 [August 2002ce].
Avram and Luna Testa Families of Monastir This section of the site is dedicated to the preservation of the memories of Avram and Luna Testa of Monastir, and their descendants.
Relationship Note
Related Sefaradí families include: Banna, multiple Calderon families, Elias Cassorla, Hora, Ishai.

This section compiled between Dec 1999ce and 2002ce from material provided by Lillian Calderon Cassorla, Lewis S. Calderon, Esq., and Batya Calderon McKinley.

  • [??] Testa -m. [??]
    Until we learn better, this family is referred to by the names of this couple's children. We don't know the parents' names—we're not even sure we know the names of all their children.
    Chidren of this couple: Luna, Avram, Morris, [unknown_brother_2]
    • Morris Testa -m. Marian Fox (possibly her name was Pesses--she was never sure)
      It was a made marriage. They were ill-suited to one another. He was not very nice to his family.
      Both these came to the US thru Galveston, before the turn of the century, to avoid the overcrowded tenements in NYC.
      Settled in Houston, Texas.
      • Dora Testa -m. Aaron Finger
        Had a furniture business in Houston.
        When I was about 10 years old, Dora Testa Finger was introduced to me as my father's first cousin. She visited my grandmother, Luna Calderon in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn and was the rich relative from Texas who allowed us to drink all the Coca Cola we wanted!!
        Recollection contributed by Marcia Calderon Berretta
        • Relda Maxine Finger -m. Edward Joseph "Jodie" Hoffer,
            (4 children)
        • Alan Stuart Finger -m. [??]
            (3 children)
      • Pearl Testa
    • *LunaOf blessed memory. Testa -m. *YudáOf blessed memory. Calderón
      Luna emigrated to the US, and took in her care, Rahamim and Buena, two children of her brother—Avram.
      This couple and their offspring all settled in New York, Williamsburg and the lower East Side. Their children: Jack, Mary, Sam, Annie, Izzie
      • JackOf blessed memory. Calderon -m. [??]
        Jack passed away relatively young...before his mother.
        [Martha's Vineyard]
        • [daughter]
        • [son]
      • MaryOf blessed memory. Calderon -m. JackOf blessed memory. Marash
        • Sandra Marash -m. Larry Klein
          • Nancy Klein -m. [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
          • Brad Klein
        • [son]
      • SamOf blessed memory. Calderon -m. IdaOf blessed memory. B. [??], d. [??] 2000. Weiner
        This couple had two children, Larry and Ari (formerly Irving)
        • Lawrence ("Larry") Calderon -m. Barbara Ellen Solomon
          Larry Calderon has three children plus some step children and five grandchildren and counting.
          • [ Send e-mail ]Lewis S. Calderon, Esq. -m. (1) Melissa Nitsun
            Lewis was named in honor of his grandfather Sam's mother, Luna.
            • Etti Batya Calderon
            • Chaya Rochel Calderon
          •   [Lewis]   -m. (2) Anna Vayner
            • Bridgette Calderon
            • Shaina Rina Calderon
            • Raphael Yirachmiel Calderon
          • David Jay Calderon
          • Bruce Robert Calderon, Esq. -m. Robin
        • Ari (formerly Irving) Calderon -m. Perre Bernstein
          Ari has three children and five grandchildren.
          • [ Send e-mail ]Batya Calderon -m. John McKinley
            • Shane McKinley
            • Josh McKinley
            • Justin McKinley
          • Eytan Calderon -m. Jodie Kaplan
            • Stone Calderon
            • Clay Calderon
          • Dov Calderon
      • Annie Calderon -m. AndyOf blessed memory. [??]
        • Judy
          [New York]
        • [??]
      • IzzieOf blessed memory b. 3/19, d. 11/90. Calderon -m. BettyOf blessed memory. Silverman
        • Benjamin Robert Calderon
          [Brooklyn, NY]
        • TwinMarcia Calderon -m. KennethOf blessed memory b. ??, d. 3/89. Berretta
          [Houston, TX]
          • Gregg Jason Berretta -m. Maya Pianka
            [Seattle, WA]
            • Isabella Jordan Berretta
          • Kelly Anne Berretta
            [Seattle, WA]
        • TwinLinda Calderon
          [Tampa, FL]
        • Stella Calderon -m. [??] Ryder
          [Houston, TX]
    • *AvramOf blessed memory. "Avram Perica" Testa - m. (1) Leah [??] and (2) "Struga" [??]
      [Two wives. See narrative below.]

      In Monastir, this Testa family was known as the family of Avram Perica. The name being a reference to a beautiful pear tree which grew in their yard.
      Avram "Perica" had two wives. His first wife, Leah, also known as "Se'h'ula," apparently divorced him and emigrated to ha'Aretz -then called Palestine. According to family lore, Avram did not treat her well, which drove her to leave him and go to Yerushalayim. The children named below are hers. Avram re-married, to Struga. Although they lived in los cortijos, the more modest part of town, Avram apparently had a successful business as a maledjí--he would buy the homes and possessions of emigrating families and resell them.
      His [second] wife, Struga, would bring his mid-morning papika, to the bazar. He sang her praises with a little ditty: "kak-u Struga, ne madruga" (like my Struga, there is no other).
      Papika was a sort of porridge made with pieces of old bread, and queso, flavored with salmura de queso--the briny water of the queso.
      Recollections from the 1920's provided by Rabbi Morris Cassorla.
      Listed here, are both
      — the children of Avram and Leah Testa which she took with her to Palestine: Luna Testa and up to six or seven others [??].
      — those whom she had earlier sent to the US: Rahamin, and Buena. This was done apparently because Rahamin was at the age which he would have been conscripted.
      Two children of Avram and Leah Testa came to the U.S. aboard the Argentina which left Patras, in Greece, on August 11, 1913, and arrived at Ellis Island August 30, 1913. Rahamin (age 17) and Buena (age 16). Traveling with them is their 25 year old cousin Sarah Testa, who is listed as a "housewife." She may be coming to be re-united with her husband.

      • *LunaOf blessed memory. Testa -m. [??]Of blessed memory. Ishai
        • NehamaOf blessed memory. Ishai -m. Victoria [??]
          • Avram Ishai -m. Varda [??]
            A lawyer. Emigrated to the US. [Columbus, OH]
            • Smadar Ishai -m. Steven Import
              • [??]
              • [??]
            • [??]
          • Yaacov Ishai -m. BatSheva [??]
          • [daughter]
          • [daughter]
          • Mark Ishai -m. Sarah [??]
            Emigrated to the US, married here, had a driving school in Brooklyn, raised a family...[Florida].
            • [son]
            • [son]
        • Isaac Ishai -m. Batya [??]
        • PerlaOf blessed memory. Ishai -m. YakovOf blessed memory. Banna
          • Avram Banna -m. [??]
            • [daughter]
          • Levana Banna -m. Hesky Abramovitz
            • [son]
            • Sharon Abramovitz
            • [??] Abramovitz
          • Baruch Banna -m. [??]
          • Ehud Banna
        • MatildaOf blessed memory. Ishai -m. Yair [??]
        • MosheOf blessed memory. Ishai -m. [??]
          • Avram -m. [??]
            • [son] -m. [??]
          • [??]
      • *RahamimOf blessed memory. Testa -m. AllegraOf blessed memory. Levy
        She was always known by her relatives as "Tía Alegre"
        • AvramOf blessed memory. Testa -m. [??]
          In his youth, he was know as "Avramico" or "Tico".
          [Niagara Falls, NY]
          • [??] Testa
          • [??] Testa
        • LilyOf blessed memory. Testa -m. Murray Isaacson
          For many years, Murray had a successful precious and semi-precious metals plating business "to the trade" in Manhattan.
          • Alice Isaacson -m. [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
        • Louie Testa -m. Tina [??]
        • Dorothy Testa -m. [??]
          • [??]
      • *Miriam/Mary (Buena)Of blessed memory. Born ~1897. Died 3 Shevat 5729; Jan 22, 1969ce, age ~72. Testa -m. *Perets ("Bohor")Of blessed memory. Died Yom Kippur, 10 Tishri 5697; 26 Sept 1936ce. Rahamim Calderón.Their wedding photo.
        Follow this trail to see this family in relation to the Rahamim Calderón family.
        Family lore has it that Buena was named by the midwife. Her mother apparently had several stillbirths or otherwise had lost the children. But when Miriam was born, the midwife observed her robust vitality and pronounced "Esta es buena!" From then on, Buena was her name. She was sent away to the US at the tender age of 16, in the care of her older brother, Rachamim Testa, together with their father's sister, their Tía Luna. Luna, coincidentally, also married a Monastirli named Yuda Calderón. But the husbands of these two Testa women, though having the same surname, were not related.
        • Molly (Mazal Tov)Of blessed memory. Died 17 Iyar 5750; May 12, 1990ce. Calderon - m. (1) Joe Suretsky
          • Morris Calderon - m. [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
          • Rosalind "Roz" Calderon - m. [??] Jurman
            [Margate, Florida]
            • [??]
            • [??]
        • [Molly] - m. (2) GeorgeOf blessed memory. Perschitz
        • Lillian (Leah) Calderon - m. Morris (Moshe)Of blessed memory. Born February 29, 1912ce. Died 12 Tishri 5761; October 11, 2000ce. Cassorla Sept 1997 picture. 25.6K
          [ Go ]Morris was a son of Haham Bohor Haim Elias Cassorla and Vida.
          Known in the family variously as Moïse, Moshi, or Moshón, he was the fifth of Haham Bohor's children.
          First job in the US was with Ontario Cap Co of Rochester NY. Did business for many years in New York City as Jerry Sportswear, manufacturer of ladies' sportswear.
          • [ Send e-mail ] Elie (Eliyahu) Cassorla Photo -m. Judith Evans (Yocheved bat Mordechai haCohen v'Hana) Nash

            As the first-born, I remember always being introduced by my father as: This is my bohor. For a long time I thought my name was actually my bohor.
            Provided by Elie Cassorla

            Judy's mother was born Migden. The Migden family, though Ashkenazic, believes their name to be derived from Macedon. (In Greek, the word is spelled with a kappa, giving rise to, for example, the place name Mukden, in Asia, in honor of Alexander, the Macedonian conqueror.)

            • [ Send e-mail ] Jonathan (Yonah) Cassorla Photo -m. Alison (Hana bat Ephraim) Fields
              Alison is the second daughter of Fred (Ephraim ben Yitzhak) Fields (originally Fidelholtz) and Irene (née Rothfeder).
              • Erica Anne (Yisraela) Cassorla Photo
              • Jessica Robin (Yocheved Rachel) Photo
            • [PhD]Mark (Moshe) Cassorla -m. Kate ('Zipora bat Avraham) Clark Photo. 67.4K
              Kate is the second daughter of Dr Wallace Clark and Carol.
              • Dina Cassorla
              • Meira Cassorla
              • Eliyahu Cassorla
          • Peris (Peretz) Cassorla [LCol USAFR(Ret)] -m. Lita J. Keller (mother Shirley)
            • Shira Lea Cassorla -m. Mike Thompson
              • Amber Nicole Thompson
            • Louis Joseph Cassorla
          • Twin [Rabbi]Haim Cassorla -m. Rachel Stacy [RN]
            Rachel is the daughter of Robert Sherman Stacy and Audrey (née Gray).
            Haim is currently the Rabbi of Moses Montefiore Synagogue in Appleton, WI.
            • Moshe Benjamin Cassorla Photo -m. Dina Pinkowski Photo
              • Joseph Robert Cassorla Photo
            • Tamar Cassorla Photo
              • Oren
            • Leah Cassorla Photo
            • Hadas Cassorla -m. Roberto Aguilar Photo
        • {End of descendant lists for Lillian Calderon Cassorla, daughter of Perets and Miriam Calderon.}
        • Rahamim (Ray/Rochman)Of blessed memory. Died 10 Nisan 5732; Mar 25, 1972ce. Calderon - m. Betty (Rebecca)Of blessed memory. Died 23 Iyar 5745; May 14, 1985ce. Salerno
          Betty was orphaned at a young age, and was brought up by an aunt.
          • ReginaOf blessed memory. Died Mar 2, 2003ce. Calderon - m. (1) Gershon Lemberger
            [Previously of San Bruno, California]
            • Bertha Lemberger -m. [??] Briscoe
              • Rebecca M. Briscoe
            • Rahamen Lemberger
            • Clarese Lemberger
          • [Regina]Of blessed memory. Died Mar 2, 2003ce. - m. (2) HansOf blessed memory. Died Mar 2, 2003ce. Krause
            Regina and Hans—only recently married—perished together tragically in an auto accident, on March 2, 2003.
          • Perris Calderon -m. Susan Marshall
            My maiden name was Marshall. I have found out that the Marquis (Markee, Markie) family, my paternal grandmother's side, are registered Sephardic Jews in Spain. They had left during the Inquisition for England/Scotland and arrived in the USA as Methodists. I was not a Methodist! I followed my Jewish roots as a teenager and was fortunate enough to meet Perry. It's funny/odd how life eventually comes full circle.
            • Beth Photo Calderon
              [Boston, MA]
            • George Calderon
          • Joseph Calderon - m. Carol [??]
            • Patricia Joy Calderon
        • Albert (Avraham)Of blessed memory. Died 27 Tammuz 5754; July 6, 1994ce. Calderon - m. Lorraine Cohen
          • Robin Calderon -m. [??]
            • [??]
            • Nicky
          • Perry Calderon -m. (1) [??]
            • [??]
          • [Perry] -m. (2) [??]
            • [??]
        • Louis (Louie) Calderon - m. LilyOf blessed memory. Hora
          [Lily was the daughter of Nissim and Palomba Hora.]
          They have been in the antiques business since the 1960s.
          • BenayOf blessed memory. Age 9. Calderon
          • Paula Calderon -m. [??]
          • Perris Calderon
          • Benay Nina Calderon - m. Michael Karp
            [ Send e-mail ] Benay has a successful show-biz animal business. Visit it at www.benaysanimals.com.
            • Twin Rachael Karp
            • Twin Sarah Karp
            • Andrew Karp

This section last updated August 2002ce by Elie Cassorla from material provided by several family members, including Lewis S. Calderon, Esq., and Batya Calderon McKinley.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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