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Content update, 5762 [Feb 2002ce].
Baker / Beahhaar / Ben Yakaar Family This family is known in the USA mostly as "Baker." The family mostly settled in the Rochester NY area.

We know that some emigrated with papers showing the name as "Beahhaar," which could be a transliteration of "Behar." Some family members used a different variation--"Ben Yakaar" or "Ben Yakar."
Related Sefaradí families: Albaranes, Aroeste, Attias, Baruch, Citron, multiple Cassorla families, Colonomos, Crescas Camhi, Levy, Mallah, Nahmias, multiple Rousso/Russo families.
Material in this section contributed by Hy Elias, Becky Camhi Levy, Paulette Fuchs, Natalie Rousso Bushell, and Sabrina Rousso.

  • *Jacob Beahhaar (a.k.a., Yakov Ben Yakaar) -m. Rebecca [??]
    Children of Yakov: Rachel, Eliahu, Menachem, Shabetay, Samuel, Meyer, Doncha(Doris)Of blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ????, SophieOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ????.
    According to family lore, Doncha died in chidbirth in Europe, and Sophie died in her teens in Europe.
    • *RachelOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir.  Died ????ce in ???? (b'Jacob) Baker -m. [??]Of blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ???? Nahmias
      After the death of her husband, Rachael (BenYakaar) Nahmias came to the US with her children.
      • Evelyn Nahmias -m. Hyman Aroeste
        • Gloria Aroeste
        • Eli Aroeste
        • Murray Aroeste
      • Sophie Nahmias -m. Sam Finz
        • Murray Finz
        • Eli Finz
        • Betty Finz
      • BettyOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ???? Nahmias -m. VictorOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ???? Rousso
        [ Go ]Victor Rousso was also from a prominent family of Monastirlis.
        • Eli VictorOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died August 22, 1989, Age 54. Rousso -m. Natalie Citron
          [ Natalie re-married to Bernard Bushell ]
          • Victor Eli Rousso -m. Faith Getz
            • Eli Victor Rousso
            • Ethan Brent Rousso
          • Abbe Rousso -m. Robert Winter
            • Eli Max Winter
        • Murray Rousso -m. Joan Solomon
          • Scott Rousso -m. Nada Shakila
            • Luke Rousso
            • Matthew Rousso
          • Harris Rousso -m. Helen Kleiman
            • Sidney Rousso
            • Montana Rousso
          • Darren Rousso -m. Lesley Renieri
            • Maxwell Rousso
            • Etahan Rousso
        • Sabrina Rousso -m. Frederick Satkin
          Sabrina has an online semi-precious jewelry design business, Teahouse Designs.
          • Victor F. Satkin -m. Kim Tabor
            • Keren Rachael Satkin
            • Frederick V. Satkin
          • Bradley Satkin -m. Lisa Pepper
      • Bennie Nahmias -m. Ann Russo
        As far as we know, Ann was not previously related to the family of Victor Rousso, her brother-in-law.
    • *Eliahu "Eli"Of blessed memory. Born 1878ce in Monastir.  Died 1943ce in Rochester NY (b'Jacob) Baker -m. Bella (Buena) Levy
      Children of Eli and Buena Baker: Sophie, Jack, Doris, Abe, Sally, Bob, Ted, Meyer.
      • *Sophie (Simcha/Shemesh/Sol)Of blessed memory. Born Nov 19 1903ce in Monastir.  Died 6 Nisan 5736; Apr 6, 1976ce in Rochester NY USA (b'Eli) Baker -m. *Jack (Yaacov/Yacu)Of blessed memory. Born in Monastir March 23, 1899ce. Died in Rochester NY USA 17 Kislev 5737; Dec 16, 1978ce. (Cassorla) Elias
        The transliteration of Sophie's name on the entry papers was Soal Beahhar.
        Jack was the first-born son of Haham Bohor Haim Elias Cassorla.
        Sophie emigrated at the age of 10, to Ellis Island with her mother aboard the Lloyd-Italia steamship Luisiana, to be reunited with her father who had gone ahead.
        They traveled third cabin from Naples, departing June 13 and clearing the Ellis Island entry point on June 29 1913ce.
        On the same ship, according to her naturalization papers, she already knew or made the acquaintance of another emigrant, for whom she gives two names--Matilda Colonomos and Mató (probably Mazal Tov, a common name among Monastirlis) Aroesty. (Almost certainly, these are two names for the same person. Matilda (Mazal Tov) Colonomos married Nissim Aroesty.) [More about Matilda Aroesty.]
        Jack and Sophie married on August 12, 1923ce. [Jack and Sophie's place in the Elias Cassorla family tree.]
        Jack and Sophie's children: Hy, Evelyn, Beverly.
        • Hyman (Haim) Elias -m. Jean Pearlman
          He had a long and successful career as an engineer and executive for a major industrial corporation.
          • Michael Edward Elias -m. Patrice Zamary, [RN]
            • Lindsay Ann Elias
            • Justin Michael Elias
            • Kathryn Elizabeth Elias
          • Jay Martin Elias -m. Lori Reitzas
            • Thomas Jay Elias
            • Robert Andrew Elias
            • Hope Sydney Elias
            • Emma Nicole Elias
          • Susan Barbara Elias -m. John Vester II
            • William Alexander Vester
            • Andrew Michael Vester
        • Evelyn (Hava) Elias -m. Martin Schron
          • Steven Schron Elias -m. Barbara Boyar
            • Sara Schron
            • Jessica Schron
            • Paul Schron
            • Melanie Schron
          • Jeffrey (Yaacov) Schron -m. Barbara Tropiano
            • Philip Schron
            • Gregory Schron
          • Sindy (Sol) Schron -m. Jeffrey Cantor
            • Aaron Jacob Cantor
            • Rochelle Beth Cantor
            • Michael Benjamin Cantor
          • Ellice Schron -m. Christopher Gelder
            • Madeline Sophie Gelder
            • Jacob Eli Gelder
        • Beverly (Buena/Tova) Elias -m. David Figelman [DDS]
          • Marc Figelman -m. Robin [??]
          • Sharon (Sol) Figelman -m. Peter Levy
            • Erika Brett Levy
        {End of descendant lists for Sophie Baker Elias, daughter of Eli Baker, and Jack Elias, son of Haim Elias Cassorla.}
      • *JackOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1910ce. (b'Eli) Baker -m. AnnOf blessed memory. Snyder
        • Edward (b'Jack) Baker -m. (1) Anita Cohen
          • [ Send e-mail ]Kenneth Baker -m. Edna Maldonado
            • Joshua Baker
          • Mark Baker
        •   [Edward]   -m. (2) Susan [??]
        • Maxine Baker -m. Joel AttiasOf blessed memory.
          • Jill Attias-m. Patrick [??]
            • Quentin
      • *DorisOf blessed memory. B. ??, d. May 9, 2002ce. (b'Eli) Baker -m. TedOf blessed memory. Jacobs
        • [ Send e-mail ]Valerie Jacobs -m. Andrew Ginsberg
          • Lori Ginsberg -m. Paul Capriotti
            • Olivia Capriotti
          • Ryan Ginsberg
      • *AbeOf blessed memory. (b'Eli) Baker -m. Charlotte Diamond
        • Harriet Beth Baker
        • Ellen Baker
      • *Sally (b'Eli) Baker -m. EugeneOf blessed memory. Fischer
        • Barbara Fischer -m. [??]
        • TwinGail Fischer
        • TwinElaine Fischer -m. Steve Brown
          • Carrie Brown
          • Deborah Brown
      • *Baruch (Bob)Of blessed memory. (b'Eli) Baker -m. DorisOf blessed memory. Greenberg
        • Dianne BelleOf blessed memory. Baker -m. (1) David Waterman
          In a "note memoire", Larry Levy, a cousin recalled of her:

          Dianne was really great. I remember when she moved out here in the late 60's to try to become a star in Hollywood. She did get a recurring role on the syndicated show, Hee Haw. She married David Waterman, who was a make-up artist at ABC. She met him when she was on the Dating Game as a contestant. They were married for several years and founded a very successful water bed company when that was a fad back then. Bob ran one of the stores in Hollywood. Diane and David divorced and she later remarried, but I didn't get to meet that husband until after her untimely death. He seemed like a great guy and was very close to Dianne's brother Richie.
        • Richard Baker
      • *Ted (b'Eli) Baker -m. Lee Mallah
        • Barbara (b'Ted) Baker
        • Larry (b'Ted) Baker -m. Debbie [??]
          • Taylor Baker
          • [daughter] Baker
      • [ Send e-mail ]*Meyer/"Mike" (b'Eli) Baker -m. Rebecca "Becky" Levy
        [ Go ]Becky is the daughter of Hyman Levy and Sarah Camhi--of the Crescas Camhi family.
        • Edward (b'Meyer) Baker -m. TwinHedy Taub
          • Adam Baker
        • Sharyn Baker
    • Menachem/MaxOf blessed memory. (b'Jacob) Baker -m. LunaOf blessed memory. Levy
      • JackOf blessed memory. (b'Max) Baker -m. Lillian [??]
        • Michael Baker -m. Hedy [??]
        • Linda Baker -m. Bruce Siegel
          • Jack Siegel -m. Tatiana [??}
          • Eli Siegel
        • Holly Baker -m. Eric Leder
          • Josh Leder
          • Jenna Leder
        • Jon Baker
      • MattOf blessed memory. (b'Max) Baker -m. Barbara Goldberg
        • Mark Baker -m. Rachelle "Shelley" Sonneberg
          • Cory M. Baker -m. Yael Silver
          • Lindsay Baker
        • Lance Baker
        • Fran Baker -m. Jay Rabinowitz
          • Avi Rabinowitz
          • Abigail Rabinowitz
          • Jessie Rabinowitz
          • Carrie Rabinowitz
          • Alex Rabinowitz
        • Lori Baker -m. Neil Gurvitch
          • Jeremy Gurvitch
          • Elynn Gurvitch
      • LarryOf blessed memory. (b'Max) Baker -m. MollyOf blessed memory. DeMayo
        • Lynn Baker -m. Warren Alent
          • Marla Alent -m. Richard Cybil
            • Kyle Cybil
            • TwinLindsey Cybil
            • TwinLauren Cybil
          • Shari Alent
          • Nicole Alent -m. [??]
            • Terrance
            • Anthony
        • Michele Baker -m. Rod Freed
          • Lance Freed -m. Amy [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
          • Denise Freed -m [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
        • Robert Baker
      • Isaac (b'Max) "Ike" Baker -m. Stella Tennenbaum
        • Martin Baker
        • Lisa Baker
        • Rhonda Baker -m. Jose Orero
          • Tova Orero
          • Izak Orero
      • Ruby (b'Max) Baker -m. Sandy Florentine
        • Leslie Baker -m. Joe Diamond
        • Michael Baker
        • Shelly Baker -m. Ashar Black
          • Sheri Black
          • Yosef Black
          • Leah Black
          • Daniel Black
        • Scott Baker -m. Velvet [??]
          • [??]
          • [??]
      • Joseph (b'Max) Baker -m. (1) Lee Siegel
        • Alison Baker -m. Russel Nordstrum
          • Morgan Nordstrum
        • Elizabeth Baker -m. Paul Wade
          • Joey Wade
        • DanielleOf blessed memory. Baker
        • Roxanne "Roxxy" Baker -m. Jeffrey Sarver
        [Joseph (b'Max) Baker] -m. (2) Donna [??]
      • Esther (b'Max) Baker -m. Harry Mutnick
        • Jaclyn Mutnick -m. Winston Richard
          • Jacob Richard
        • Paulette Mutnick -m. Barry Fuchs
          • Ana Fuchs
          • Alexandra Fuchs
        • Marshall Mutnick
        • Lauren Mutnick -m. Richard Falk
          • Matthew Falk
          • Ethan Falk
          • Jenna Falk
      • Sarah (b'Max) Baker -m. MortOf blessed memory. Brodsky
        • Noreen Brodsky -m. Brian Salerno
          • Aaron Salerno
          • Stacy Salerno
          • Marne Salerno
        • Linda Brodsky -m. Paul Haid
          • Micheal Haid
          • Lindsay Haid
          • Matthew Haid
        • ArlenOf blessed memory. Brodsky
        • Mitchell Brodsky -m. Rikki [??]
          • Annie Brodsky
          • Lilly Brodsky
        • Sharon Brodsky -m. (1) [??]
          • Marshall
          [Sharon ] -m. (2) Laurence Skopitz
      • Beckie (b'Max) Baker -m. HarryOf blessed memory. Valinsky
        • [ Send e-mail ]Mark Valinsky -m. Michelle Morgan
          • Cara Valinsky
          • Erin Valinsky
          • Noah Valinsky
          • [ Send e-mail ]Hannah Valinsky
          • Arielle Valinsky
        • Marty Valinsky -m. Diane [??]
          • Joshua Valinsky
          • Heather Valinsky
          • Courtney Valinsky
          • Jenna Valinsky
        • Earl Valinsky
        • Ronald Valinsky -m. Pam [??]
          • Jack Valinsky
          • Francine Valinsky
          • Max Valinsky
        • HarlanOf blessed memory. Valinsky
        • [ Send e-mail ]Lauren Valinsky -m. Steve Rosenberg
          • Bria Rosenberg
    • Shabetay (b'Jacob) Baker -m. Streya (Estrella) Colonomos
      Streya was a sister of [ Go ] Mató, wife of Nissim Aroesty , and [ Go ] Anna/Arnesta, wife of David Calderon .
      • JackOf blessed memory (b'Shabetay) Baker
      • AbeOf blessed memory (b'Shabetay) Baker -m. (1) Olga [??]
        Known as "Phil"
        Lived for a while in Ireland with his first wife.
        • Rona Baker
        [Abe/"Phil"] -m. (2) Samantha (Harriet) [??]
        Then lived in Rochester, NY.
        • Lisa Baker -m. [??]
          • [??]
        • Jackie Baker -m. [??]
          • [??]
      • Solomon "Solly" (b'Shabetay) Baker -m. Ruth [??]
        • Irwin Baker
        • Stuart Baker -m. Molly [??]
          • [??]
      • Carl (b'Shabetay) Baker -m. Janice Granite
        • Steven Baker
        • Florance Baker -m Trey [??]
          • [??]
      • Sara(h) "Sarica" "Sirky"Of blessed memory. Died 1991ce. (b'Shabetay) -m. [R] Gabriel "Red" Cassorla
        Red lives in Rochester and is still working at Central Wholesale - the family grocery business.
        • [ Send e-mail ] Earl Cassorla
          (In Rochester.) (Operates www.cassorla.com.)
        • Steven Cassorla
          (In San Francisco.)
      • Dora (b'Shabetay) Baker -m. AlOf blessed memory Levy
        • Sandra "Sandy" Levy -m. Fred Friedland
        • Jack Levy
        • Seymour Levy
        • Estelle Levy
    • SamuelOf blessed memory (b'Jacob) Baker -m. LunaOf blessed memory Albaranes
      • JackOf blessed memory (b'Samuel) Baker
      • SophieOf blessed memory (b'Samuel) Baker -m. LouisOf blessed memory Baruch
        • Betty Baruch -m. Bernard Hurvitz
          • Mark Hurvitz -m. [??]
          • Susan Hurvitz -m. Gary Hurwitz
        • Lorraine Baruch -m. Al Masino
      • Becky (b'Samuel) Baker -m. WilliamOf blessed memory Buckler
    • MeyerOf blessed memory (b'Jacob) Baker -m. Soon'h'uOf blessed memory
      • Jack (b'Meyer) Baker
      • David (b'Meyer) Baker
      • Solomon (b'Meyer) Baker -m. Alice [??]
      • Becky (b'Meyer) Baker

If you are related either by descent or marriage to this Beahhaar/Ben Yakar/Baker family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:

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