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Content update 5763 [May 2003ce].
The Rahamim Calderón Family of Monastir This section of the site is dedicated to the preservation of the memory of the family of Rahamim Calderón of Monastir, and his descendants.
We do not know much about Rahamim. We trace back to him only by knowing his bohor, Perets/Peretz who settled in the United States, and died an untimely death of natural causes. Other members of the family emigrated to Palestine, settling mainly in Jerusalem, where some descendants still live.
Related Sefaradí families include: Elias Cassorla, Hora, Testa.

This section compiled between Dec 1999ce and 2002ce from material provided by Lillian Calderon Cassorla.

  • [Avram ??] Calderon -m. [??]
    According to family lore there was at least one other brother besides Rahamim.
    • [??] Calderon -m. [??]
      Unknown number of children.
      • [daughter] Calderon -m. [??] Bueno
        According to family lore, this family lived in New Lots (Brooklyn, NY) among countrymen.
        • [4 daughters]
        • [1 son]
    • *RahamimOf blessed memory. Born ??. Died probably before 1909ce. (ben Avram ? ) Calderón - m. (1) [Mazal Tov?] [ ?? ]
      Based on traditional naming patterns Rahamim's first wife's name may have been Mazal Tov. She perished giving birth to a daughter. Rahamim married his second wife to care for the babe.
      After the first wife, in the days of the stepmother, the children of the first wife were known as "la familia Shunak."
      Rahamim was probably deceased by 1909, when Perets emigrated, for he listed as his nearest relative in Monastir "my mother Klara Kalderon"—Rahamim's second wife
      Children from the first wife: Perets (emigrated to the US), Moshe (moved to Sofia), [daughter, name unknown].
      • *Perets ("Bohor")Of blessed memory. Born ~1886. Died Yom Kippur, 10 Tishri 5697; 26 Sept 1936ce. Calderón -m. *Miriam/Mary (Buena)Of blessed memory. Died 3 Shevat 5729; Jan 22, 1969ce. Testa. Their wedding photo.
        [ Go ]Buena was a daughter of Avram ("Avram Perica") and Leah Testa..
        Perets arrived in the USA April 19, 1909, at Ellis Island aboard the motor vessel See the ship. Themistocles from the port of Piraeus (sailing March 31, 1909). He is listed as 23 years old, single, and registered in the ship's manifest as "Bohor Kalderon". Based on this he would have been 50 years old when he passed away, somewhat older than his children always thought he was. It could be that he made himself older for the purpose of leaving Monastir.
        [Mysteriously, he lists as his contact in the US, "my brother Mordohaï ?Sabeicaloim?" at 176 Chrystie St, NYC. Although the surname is not easily deciphered in the manifest, it opens a question as to whether his step-mother Klara might have had children before she married Rahamim.]
        For a summary of his life as it was memorialized at the time of his death, see the transcription of his obituary, below.
        Children of Perets and Buena: Molly, Lillian, Rahamim, Albert, Louis.
        • Molly (Mazal Tov)Of blessed memory. Died 17 Iyar 5750; May 12, 1990ce. Calderon - m. (1) Joe Suretsky
          • Morris Calderon - m. [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
            • [??]
          • Rosalind "Roz" Calderon - m. [??] Jurman
            [Margate, Florida]
            • [??]
            • [??]
        • [Molly] - m. (2) GeorgeOf blessed memory. Perschitz
        • Lillian (Leah) Calderon - m. [Rabbi] Morris (Moshe)Of blessed memory. Born February 29, 1912ce. Died 12 Tishri 5761; October 11, 2000ce. Cassorla Sept 1997 picture. 25.6K
          [ Go ]Morris was a son of Haham Bohor Haim Elias Cassorla and Vida.
          He was known in the family variously as Moïse, Moshi, or Moshón.
          First job in the US was with Ontario Cap Co of Rochester NY. Did business for many years in New York City as Jerry Sportswear, manufacturer of ladies' sportswear.
          Children of Morris and Lillian: Elie, Peris, Hyman.
          • [ Send e-mail ] Elie (Eliyahu) Photo Cassorla - m. Judith Evans (Yocheved bat Mordechai haCohen v'Hana) Nash
            As the first-born, I remember always being introduced by my father as: This is my bohor. For a long time I thought my name was actually my bohor.
            Provided by Elie Cassorla

            Judy's mother was born Migden. The Migden family, though Ashkenazic, believes their name to be derived from Macedon. (In Greek, the word is spelled with a kappa, giving rise to, for example, the place name Mukden, in Asia, in honor of Alexander, the Macedonian conqueror.)
            • [ Send e-mail ] Jonathan (Yonah) Cassorla Photo - m. Alison (Hana bat Ephraim) Fields
              Alison is the second daughter of Fred (Ephraim ben Yitzhak) Fields (originally Fidelholtz) and Irene (née Rothfeder).
              • Erica Anne (Yisraela) Photo Cassorla
              • Jessica Robin (Yocheved Rachel) Photo Cassorla
            • Mark (Moshe) Cassorla [PhD] - m. Kate ('Zipora bat Avraham) ClarkPhoto 67.4K
              Kate is the second daughter of Dr Wallace Clark and Carol.
              • Dina Cassorla
              • Meira Cassorla
              • Eliyahu Cassorla
          • Peris (Peretz) Cassorla [LCol USAFR(Ret)] - m. Lita J. Keller (mother Shirley)
            • Shira Lea Cassorla -m. Mike Thompson
              • Amber Nicole
            • Louis Joseph Cassorla
          • Twin [Rabbi]Hyman/Haim Cassorla - m. Rachel Stacy [RN]
            Rachel is the daughter of Robert Sherman Stacy and Audrey (née Gray).
            Haim is currently the Rabbi of Moses Montefiore Synagogue in Appleton, WI.
            • Moshe Benjamin Photo Cassorla - m. Dina Pinkowski Photo
              • Joseph Robert Photo Cassorla
            • Tamar Photo Cassorla
              • Oren Cassorla
            • Leah Photo Cassorla
            • Hadas Cassorla m. Roberto Aguilar Photo
          {End of descendant lists for Lillian Calderon Cassorla, daughter of Perets and Miriam Calderon.}
        • Rahamim (Ray/Rochman)Of blessed memory. Died 10 Nisan 5732; Mar 25, 1972ce. Calderon - m. Betty (Rebecca)Of blessed memory. Died 23 Iyar 5745; May 14, 1985ce. Salerno
          Betty was orphaned at a young age, and was brought up by an aunt.
          • ReginaOf blessed memory. Died Mar 2, 2003ce. Calderon - m. (1) Gershon Lemberger
            [Previously of San Bruno, California]
            • Bertha Lemberger -m. [??] Briscoe
              • Rebecca M. Briscoe
            • Rahamen Lemberger
            • Clarese Lemberger
          • [Regina]Of blessed memory. Died Mar 2, 2003ce. - m. (2) HansOf blessed memory. Died Mar 2, 2003ce. Krause
            Regina and Hans—only recently married—perished together tragically in an auto accident, on March 2, 2003.
          • Perris Calderon -m. Susan Marshall
            My maiden name was Marshall. I have found out that the Marquis (Markee, Markie) family, my paternal grandmother's side, are registered Sephardic Jews in Spain. They had left during the Inquisition for England/Scotland and arrived in the USA as Methodists. I was not a Methodist! I followed my Jewish roots as a teenager and was fortunate enough to meet Perry. It's funny/odd how life eventually comes full circle.
            • Beth Photo Calderon
              [Boston, MA]
            • George Calderon
          • Joseph Calderon - m. Carol [??]
            • Patricia Joy Calderon
        • Albert (Avraham)Of blessed memory. Died 27 Tammuz 5754; July 6, 1994ce. Calderon - m. Lorraine Cohen
          • Robin Calderon -m. [??]
            • [??]
            • Nicky
          • Perry Calderon -m. (1) [??]
            • [??]
          • [Perry] -m. (2) [??]
            • [??]
        • Louis (Louie) Calderon - m. LilyOf blessed memory. B. March 19, 1930, d. 2002. Hora
          [Lily was the daughter of Nissim and Palomba Hora.]
          They have been in the antiques business since the 1960s.
          • BenayOf blessed memory. Age 9. Calderon
          • Paula Calderon -m. [??]
          • Perris Calderon
          • Benay Nina Calderon - m. Michael Karp
            [ Send e-mail ] Benay has a successful show-biz animal business. Visit it at www.benaysanimals.com.
            • Twin Rachael Karp
            • Twin Sarah Karp
            • Andrew Karp
      • Moshe Calderon -m. [??]
        Moved to Sofia, Bulgaria, then emigrated to "Ha'Aretz".
        Moshe Calderon Family in Sofia. A photo of them taken in Sofia, at the "Zatzev" photography studio.
        • [daughter]
      • [name unknown] daughter of Rahamim Calderon
        Her mother died while giving birth to her. She was brought up by Rahamim's second wife.
    • [*Rahamim (ben Avram ? ) Calderón] - m. (2) Klara [ ?? ]
      Apparently Rahamim married his second wife to care for his family, especially his infant daughter, after his first wife died in childbirth. This type of thing was not uncommon in those days. The second wife apparently was not nice to the boys, paying most of her attention to the little girl.
      Nevertheless, when Perets emigrated, he listed as his nearest relative in Monastir "my mother Klara Kalderon", suggesting that his father may have been deceased also by 1909.

Obituary of Perets Rahamim Calderón from La Vara

This obituary appeared in La Vara, the Spanish-Jewish Weekly published by The Sephardic Publishing Co., then of 7 Rivington St, New York City. At that time the masthead listed Albert Levy as the Editor and Albert J. Torres as the Business Manager. The obituary was published in three columns, each in a different language or script. The leftmost column was in Spañol, using Hebrew letters; the middle column was in Spañol, using Latin, or English letters; the right column was in English.

Vol XV, No. 736 Friday, October 2, 1936

Originariyo de Monastir

Es con el mas profundo sentimento de regreto ke enregistramos la triste i amarga novedad, de al muerte primatura del senior Bohor Perets Rahamim Calderon, el kual, despues de sufrir por 15 dias de una hazinura paralytica, desparesio de entre los bivos en el santo dia de Kipur a las oras 11:20 dela manyana, deshando mujer amargada, 3 ijos i 2 ijas en la guerfandad.

El difunto era bien konosido por sus justo karakter, ombre de virtud i posedano kualiddades ke le azian ganar l'amistad detodos akeos ke le aserkavan.

Sus funerales tuvieron lugar dia de Alhad, ke fueron aranjados por la Congrgasion Aavath Shalom Monastir, Branch Numero 1 de New Lots, a la 1 despuesde mediodia ande una grandeoza asistencia de parientes amigos i konosidos ke izieron oun dover de rendir las oultimas onores al desparesido.

La redaksion de "LA VARA" se aze oun dover de pasar sus mas esmovidos i profundas condolensas a la famiya Calderon por esta piedrita kruelka, ke Dios mande afalago en sus korasones atristados, i ke la alma del difunto repoza en pas, en Gan Eden.


Originally of Monastir

With most profound regrets we sadly record the premature death of Mr. Bohor Perets Rahamim Calderon, who after suffering a paralytic illness for 15 days, disappeared from among the living on the holy day of Kipur at 11:20AM leaving an embittered wife, 3 sons and two daughters orphaned.

The deceased was well known for his character and virtue, and the qualities he possessed gained him the friendship of all those who were close to him.

Funeral services took place on Sunday & were arranged by Congregation Peace & Brotherhood of Monastir, Branch Number 1, of New Lots, at 1 PM. A large attendance of relatives, and friends payed their respects to the deceased.

The Editors of "LA VARA" wish to pass on their most profound and moving condolences to the Calderon family for this cruel loss. May God send comfort to their saddened hearts and may the soul of the departed Rest in Peace in Heaven.


This section last updated August 2002ce by Elie Cassorla from material provided by several family members.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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