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Content and Format New 5764 [June 2004ce].
A Calderon-Cassorla Family of Monastir
The following note memoire of childhood family recollections was contributed by Evin (Calderon) Dubrow.
[... in 1949, when I was born] to Sol & Lilyan Calderon we lived at 1115 Walton Avenue in the Bronx, NY. My parents were married [in] 1941. Prior to their marriage my father still lived on the Lower East Side. I had an older brother, Michael... Our sister is Lori-Jo...
I remember going to Brooklyn and my Nonna standing at the stove with her white/gray hair preparing a feast. My Papu would sit like the king; he was a kind & gentle man. We always had a lot to eat. The Turkish coffee was like mud, and if your spoon didn’t stand up in it, then it wasn’t strong enough. We were much closer to my mother’s parent as we lived in the same building. I unfortunately never really knew my cousins except for my Uncle Abe’s son Jackie. My father would take me & my brother to visit Abe in the nursing home in the Bronx. I remember when he was in a wheelchair we’d wheel him around. Then he became totally bed-ridden & I was scared to go there because I didn’t understand the severity of his disease.
Every Saturday morning my father & I would go to the shop, and clean up and make sure everything was ready for the seamstresses, so on Monday morning they could get to right to work, cause if the sewing machines weren’t working they weren’t making money. There was a small shop across the street, that would be our 1st stop when we’d get off the train from the Bronx, get a powder-covered donut and I’d have chocolate milk. I looked forward to Saturday it was a real treat, as a kid it was fun going to where your dad worked.
I have favorite foods from my childhood that I eat till today. Fijones, Pastelli (mina de carne and mina spinaka) Borekas and Brown Hard-boiled eggs (huevos haminados) & Feta Cheese (queso).
After 1961 we were estranged from this side of the family.
My lasting impression of my uncle Nelson was when he died, the funeral procession took a detour past The Sephardic Temple (Monastirli) in Cedarhurst, NY for a final farewell. I remember him an as tall, handsome man as my father was too. He was a much beloved and respected man in the Monastirli community.

Related Sefaradí families include: _______, ______.

Material in this section contributed by Evin (Calderon) Dubrow.

  • *"Bohor" Calderon -m. [??]
    We know of the family patriarch only by the reference to him in the arrival record of his son Jacob.
    • *JacobOf blessed memory. B. 1884ce in Monastir, d. 12/21/61. Calderon -m. *EstherOf blessed memory. B. 1887 in Monastir, d. 07/14/60?. Cassorla
      According to immigration records, this couple arrived in the US February 8, 1912ce via Ellis Island, aboard the See the ship. SS San Guglielmo from Naples (sailing Jan 19, 1912); he was then 27, she 25. Jacob's trade was listed in the manifest as "taylor." His father ("Bohor") stayed behind.
      [The next two entries in the manifest are of Djoya Cassorla and her son Albert, also of Monastir. Djoya was going to Rochester to join her husband [ Go ] "Mair Cassorla". Perhaps they were all traveling together.]
      According to the ship's manifest, Jacob had been in the US from [possibly from 1906 to 1911?]—he must have gone back to marry and bring Esther back with him. His contact point in NYC is shown as Gabriel Pardo, a friend, at 101 Allen St. Gabriel was probably a Monastirli, as 101 Allen Street was a well-known transit point for the incoming stream of Monastirlis.
      Jacob was a big guy for those days. He is described as 5'9" tall with brown hair and eyes. Esther is listed as 5'2", with brown hair and eyes.
      Jacob and Esther first joined the community of countrymen in Rochester, NY. They lived at 86 Nassau Street (Rochester) in 1917. Later they moved to the Lower East Side of NY, (661 Livingston Street) then settled among countrymen in the New Lots section of Brooklyn. Jacob "was in the garment industry on the lower east side of Manhattan". In 1942 the name of their company was Bee May Sportswear, and included a second-floor factory near one end of Orchard Street at 54 Canal Street.
      Becky & Izzy ran the family business from 1961 when Jacob (Papú passed on.
      Their children: Abraham, Nelson, Solomon, Rebecca, Isadore and Joseph
      • AbrahamOf blessed memory. B. 1913, d. ???. of ALS (b'Jacob) Calderon -m. Sarah [??]
        Abraham contracted ALS ("Lou Gehrig Disease") and passed away untimely.
        • Jack ("Jackie")Of blessed memory. B. ????, d. Oct 2002 Calderon -m. Gwendoline [??]
          Jack was a red-head.
          • Solara Calderon
      • NelsonOf blessed memory. B. 1/1/14, d. 9/10/66 (b'Jacob) Calderon -m. Sarah Cohen
        Sarah was a daughter of Leah Cohen [[ Go ]and a niece of Dora Cohen Rousso].
        Nelson served in the US Army, achieving the rank of Captain. This so impressed his Monastirli buddies, that ever afterward they hailed him as "Captain."
        His untimely passing at age 52 was widely mourned.
        • Jack Calderon -m. [??]
        • Ira Calderon -m. [??]
      • SolomonOf blessed memory. B. Rochester, NY. 5/5, 1917ce, d. 5/28, 1982ce ("Sol") (b'Jacob) Calderon -m. LilyanOf blessed memory. B. 2/2, 1926ce, d. 8/17, 1998ce Wolosky
        In WWII, Sol served in the USArmy with the 4th Armored Division in France, Belgium & Germany (Staff Sergeant, Service Company 2nd Tank Battalion). He returned home in October 1945.
        • MichaelOf blessed memory. B. 3/31, 1944ce, d. 1/26, 2001ce Alan Calderon
          "... our brother left us too soon ..."
          Michael was a representative for a company that directed & produced commercials. Michael had moved to Florida in 1997, and in 1998 had bladder cancer but refused to go doctors, when he finally did it was too late and he died in 2001.
        • Evin Wendy Calderon -m. Richard Mark Dubrow
          Richard Dubrow has an Executive Search Firm in Westport, CT
          • Joshua Adam Albergo
          • JonathanOf blessed memory. B. [??], d. June 22, 2004ce Dubrow
            He passed away suddenly and untimely on June 22, 2004ce.
        • Lori-Jo Calderon -m. George DiGiulio Jr.
          • Scott Jared DiGiulio
          • Gabrielle Nicole DiGiulio
      • JosephOf blessed memory. B. 2/01/19, d. 9/24/94.("Joey") (b'Jacob) Calderon -m. Sylvia [??]
        • Elise Calderon -m. [??]
      • RebeccaOf blessed memory. B. 7/30/21, d. 8/1983. ("Becky") (b'Jacob) Calderon
        Aunt Becky never married and volunteered at and supported the Sephardic Home of Aged in Brooklyn.
      • IsadoreOf blessed memory. B. 6/01/26, d. 5/07/86.("Izzy") (b'Jacob) Calderon -m. Gilda Cohen
        • Jeff Calderon
        • Julie Calderon
        • Ellen Calderon

This section compiled June 2004ce from material provided by Evin (Calderon) Dubrow.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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