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Content and Format new, 5761 [Mar 2001ce].
Crescas Camhi Family This is the family of Crescas Camhi of Monastir, known to Monastirlis in the US as "Charlie".

Charlie's family settled in Rochester NY and in the New York Metropolitan area. For a variety of reasons some of his descendants used the name Crescas as a family name, while others went by the family name Camhi, or the alternate spelling Kamhi.
Related families: Angel, Assael, Baker/Beahhaar/BenYakaar, other Camhis, Levy, Negrin, Passo, Testa.
Material in this section contributed by Becky Camhi Levy and Sol Camhi.

  • *Crescas "Charlie" Camhi -m. *Dora [??]
    Their children: Esther Camhi, Solomon Crescas, Aaron Camhi, Albert Crescas, Robert (Meyer) Crescas, Nathan Camhi, Sarah Camhi.
    • *Esther Camhi
    • *SolomonOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir. Crescas -m. LeahOf blessed memory. Negrin
      Some members of this family used Camhi or Kamhi as the family name.
      • MickeyOf blessed memory. Kamhi -m. Dorothea Reback
        • Lenore Kamhi -m. Joseph Calim
          • Cindy Calim -m. James Bonaura
          • Danny Calim
          • Jason Calim
        • Larry Kamhi -m. Carol Thomas
          • Jennifer Kamhi -m. Neal Tomopsky
          • Marc Kamhi
      • Dora (Dorothy)Of blessed memory. -m. HarveyOf blessed memory. Grey
      • EvelynOf blessed memory. -m. Justis Forman
        • Sandra Forman -m. [??]
        • Jerome Forman -m. [??]
      • Joseph Camhi -m. Matilda (Tillie)Of blessed memory. Assael
        • Steven Camhi
        • Leah Camhi -m. Irving Sutton
          • Ralph Sutton
          • Joseph Sutton
      • LillianOf blessed memory. -m. BonnyOf blessed memory. Todd
        • Lynne Todd -m. Martin Eisman
          • Robert Bryan Eisman
          • Laura Lee Eisman
        • Richard Todd -m. [??]
          • Lisa Todd
      • Crescas (Charlie)Of blessed memory.  In Beth Moses Cemetery, PineLawn, NY. Solomon Camhi -m. Esther Angel
      • Rose Camhi -m. Herbert Plastik
        [San Diego]
        • Neal Plastik
        • Lee Plastik
    • AaronOf blessed memory. Camhi -m. PressiaOf blessed memory. Camhi (unrelated)
      • Esther Camhi -m. Nelson Camhi (unrelated)
      • Dora Camhi -m. Julie Frankfurter
      • Bessy Camhi -m. (1) Maurice [??]
        [Bessy]  -m. (2) [??]
      • Charlie Camhi -m. [??]
      • Lilly Camhi -m. [??]
        • [??]
    • Albert Crescas -m. Sara [??]
      Albert was a maitre d' at the Picadilly Hotel in NYC, and the Seneca Hotel in Rochester.
      • Charles Crescas -m. (1) ElaineOf blessed memory. [??]
        [Charles]  -m. (2) Eileen [??]
    • Robert (Meyer) Crescas -m. (1) Alice (Alegre) [??]
      Robert was a maitre d' at the Versailles Supper Club in NYC.
      • Victor Crescas

      [Robert]  -m. (2) Mary [??] (Second wife of Robert Crescas.)
    • Nathan Camhi -m. (1) BeckyOf blessed memory. Died in childbirth. [??]
      [Nathan]  -m. (2) Alice Testa
      • Dolores Camhi -m. Sam [??]
        • Alana -m. [??]
      • PhilOf blessed memory. Camhi
      • Charlie Camhi -m. [??]
        • Natan Camhi
          • [??] Camhi?
    • *Sarah Camhi -m. Hyman Levy

    This section created December 2000ce from material provided by Becky Levy, and updated March 2001ce from material provided by Sol Camhi.
    If you are related either by descent or marriage to any of the clans mentioned in this section, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
    Send e-mail meb1144@aol.com
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