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Content and Format New 5762 [July 2002ce].
David Nahmias Family
Related Sefaradí families include: Hazen, Saffan.
This section compiled July 2002ce from material provided by Steven Nahmias, supplemented by information provided by other family members, including Bonita Messman.

    According to family lore, David Nahmias was a half-brother to [ Go ]Joseph Cassorla— through their mother. David was from the first husband (a Nahmias) and Joe was from the second husband (a Cassorla).
    Tidbit contributed September 2002ce by Bonita (Nahmias) Messman, from recollections by her cousin Goldy (Nahmias) Miller.
  • *DavidOf blessed memory. b.~1880, d.age~80 Nahmias -m. BuenaOf blessed memory. d. young, ~30 Hazen
    David emigrated to the US ca. 1905.
    Buena Hazen was a sister to Tillie Hazen's father were siblings.
    David Nahmias settled in Indianapolis and brought up his family there. David and Buena were very active in the temple. Albert, Morris & Michael were brought up in Indianapolis, but Morris and Michael left to earn their fortunes in New York, in the garment industry.
    Children of David and Buena Nahmias: Albert, Hymie, Morris, Michael
    • AlbertOf blessed memory. Nahmias -m. Matilda "Tillie"Of blessed memory. Hazen
      Tillie was the daughter of Buena Hazen's brother. By that relationship, Albert and Tillie were cousins. [ In addition, Tillie was her mother-in-law's niece! ]
      Children of Albert and Tillie Nahmias: Isadore, Goldie, and Rachel
      Rachel & Goldie were brought up in Indianapolis
      • IsadoreOf blessed memory. Died 1952ce, age 25. Nahmias -m. Goldie [??]
        Isadore Nahmias died in a tragic car crash when he was 25 (1952). Isadore at that time was the youngest CPA in the state of Indiana. Their son, Howard, was 2 weeks old at the time. Howard's mother, Goldie, later re-married—to [??] Scher.
        • Howard Sher
          Dr. Sher is a renowned oncologist at Sloan-Kettering.
      • Goldie Nahmias -m. SheldonOf blessed memory. Miller
        • Mona Miller -m. Robert Segal
          • Stella Segal
        • Howard Miller -m. Yash [??]
          • Micah Miller
          • Isaiah Miller
          • [??] Miller
          • Icadie Miller
        • Robin Miller -m. Douglas Klein
          • Jeremiah Klein
          • Jacob Klein
          • Ariel Klein
          • Sadie Klein
        • [R]Jacqueline Miller -m. Jim Giel
          • William Giel
          • Shelby Giel
      • Rachel Nahmias -m. Morris Warshal
    • HymieOf blessed memory. WIDTH= Nahmias
      Died at around 19 years old from kidney disease.
    • MorrisOf blessed memory. B. 1912, d. 1994, age 82 Nahmias -m. Liza Saffan Of blessed memory. B. 1915, d. 1993, age 78
      Liza Saffan's family emigrated from Salonika around 1905, the same year that David Nahmias emigrated.
      Morris and Liza settled in Queens, New York.
      Children of Morris and Liza Nahmias: David, Bonnie, Steven
      • David Nahmias
      • [ Send e-mail ]Bonnie Nahmias -m. Martin Chapman
        [Marlboro, NJ]
        • Lisa Chapman -m. Bob Ivanicki
          [Colts Neck, NJ]
          • Alexandra Ivanicki
          • Rachael Ivanicki
        • Susan Chapman
        • Jeffrey Chapman -m. Julie Lund
          [Moorseville, NC]
          • Spencer Chapman
          • Ethan Chapman
      • [PhD]Steven Nahmias -m. (1) Susan Lynn Esses
      • [ Send e-mail ]   [ Steven ] -m. (2) Vivian Sau Kwan Loh
        Professor Nahmias is at Santa Clara University, California. His text "Production and Operations Analysis" is a standard. Order [ Amazon Books ] Production and Operations Analysis, by Steven Nahmias today!
        • Mitchell Nahmias
    • MichaelOf blessed memory. d. 1993, age ~79 Nahmias-m. Edith Eisenberg
      • Bonita Nahmias -m. Leonard Messman
        • Kenneth Messman
        • Kevin Messman
      • Edward Nahmias -m. Deena Alterescu
        • Allison Nahmias
        • Andrew Nahmias

If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net or [ Send e-mail ] Steven Nahmias
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