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Content and format new or updated 5761 [Feb, Apr 2001ce].
David Navon Family and related Fermo Family This family record is fragmentary at the moment.
Anyone with information is urged to contact Send e-mail Michael Navon.

Related families include Bechar(Bechor), Fermo, Levy, Schwartzmann.
Material in this section provided by Michael Navon.

  • *Moshe Navon - m. Sophie Fermo
    See below for a glimpse of Sophie Fermo's family tree.
    The family went in different directions. Three brothers, Alexandre, Jacques and Mircoush moved after WW-II to Quito, Ecuador. The sister, Felicia, lived in France.
    • FelicieOf blessed memory. Deceased ca. 1995, in France or Germany. -m. Leon Weissman
      Lived in France
    • AlexandreOf blessed memory. Deceased ca. 1990, in Ecuador, South America. m. Sylvia [??]
      Moved to Quito, Ecuador after WW-II
    • JacquesOf blessed memory. Deceased ca. 1992, in Ecuador, South America.
      Moved to Quito, Ecuador after WW-II
    • *DavidOf blessed memory. B.1901 in Monastir, deceased 1979 in Tel Aviv. - m. SarahOf blessed memory. B.1907, deceased 1982 in Tel Aviv. Schwartzmann
      David Navon and his family immigrated from Monastir to Romania via Russcuk, Bulgaria, then on to Israel.
      • Send e-mail Ionel Michael Navon -m. Lily Marcu
        Professor, Department of Mathematics, Florida State University
        • Daria
        • Livia
    • MircoushOf blessed memory. Deceased ca. 1987 in Ecuador, South America. - m. Julia (Puia) [??]
      • Andre

  • *Isaac Fermo - m. Esther Meyer
    Isaac was possibly a native of Monastir. Esther hailed from Romania.
    • Sophie -m. *Moshe Navon
      For this family, see above.
    • Virginie -m. Marcu Bechar
    • Celine -m. David Levy
      • Celestine -m. Mony Eszra
        Living in Israel.
        • Kochava
        • Sarah
    • Joseph - m. RubinaOf blessed memory. Deceased ca. 1980.
      • Isaac -m. Bebe [??]
        Living in Tel Aviv, Israel

This section last updated from material provided by Michael Navon.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
Send e-mail Elie Cassorla
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