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Content updated 5762 [Apr 2002ce].
Passos of Indianapolis A Passo family with strong links to the Etz Chaim Sephardic synagogue in Indianapolis.

This family has a "strong medical theme." Many members of the family are involved in the healing arts.
Related Sefaradí families include: Aroesti, Baruch, Calderon, Camhi, Cassorla, Hasson, Nahmias, Saadi, Sadicario, Yosha.
Material in this section provided by many family members.

  • *Abraham "Papoo"Of blessed memory. Born in Monastir, ca. 1870 Passo -m. BerthaOf blessed memory. Born and died in Monastir. [??]
    Abraham and his wife were both born in Monastir. She died in Monastir of asthma. He later emigrated to the US and settled in New York. They had four children: Sophie, Fina, Chaim, Sam.
    • *SophieOf blessed memory. Born c. 1897 in Monastir; died c. 1986 age 84 in NYCity. Passo -m. *Abraham (Avrahm) "Al"Of blessed memory. Born c. 1890 in Monastir; died 1970 age 80 in NYCity. Cassorla
      Sophie arrived in New York in 1915, and married Avrahm Cassorla, a descendant of Jeoshua Cassorla. (Follow this trail to see their position in the Jeoshua Cassorla family). Most of Sophie's siblings and their families settled in Indianapolis.
      • JosephOf blessed memory. B. 1916ce, d. 1956ce (Yeoshua) Cassorla - m. Lee [??]
        Joseph was the First-born of Avrahm and Sophie. Lee currently resides in San Diego, CA.
        • David Cassorla
        • Phyllis Cassorla -m. [??] Clark
      • Molly Cassorla - m. Jack Baruch
        Molly was the second-born of Avrahm and Sophie. Now of Cedarhurst, LI, NY and Pembrook Pines, FL.
        • Sylvia Baruch
          Former Provost of NYU, now retired.
        • Adele Baruch
      • Louis (Eliahu) Cassorla - - m. Rebecca (Betty) Camhi
        Louis, third-born child of Avrahm and Sophie, was born in New York. Betty's family emigrated from Kastoria. Her grandparents were David and Esterina Camhi. Click here to see her place in that family.
        Louis was a sportswear contractor, Betty a seamstress and homemaker. They are now retired in Bellmore, LI, NY.
        Read about Lou's life and times in his own words (and pictures) at the SephardicCafe or at their Autobiographical site.
        • [ Send e-mail ] Albert (Avrahm) Fried-Cassorla - m. Martha Fried
          Albert is an author, playwright, advertising person, now of Melrose Park, PA.
          • TwinEmma Fried-Cassorla
          • TwinBenjamin Fried-Cassorla
        • Ken (Kenny) Cassorla - m. Jeanette Jackson
          They live in Aptos, CA. Kenny is a chiropractor. Jeanette is a dental hygienist and educator.
          • Nathan Cassorla
          • Tommy Cassorla
        • Marshall (Moshe) Cassorla - m. Christina Fumasoli
          Currently resides in Bellmore, LI, NY.
          • David Cassorla
      • Morris (Moshe) Cassorla - m. Selma Silverman
        Now of Tamarac, FL.
        • Sandy Cassorla - m. Martin Bassoff
          • Seth Bassoff -m. Gital Kaddoch
            • Sara Bassoff
        • Roberta Cassorla - m. (1) [??] Wagner (2) Martin Ehrlich
          • David Wagner
      • Bessy Cassorla - m. Ike HassonOf blessed memory
        Bessy is the fifth-born of Avrahm and Sophie.
        Now of Cedarhurst, LI, NY and Pembrook Pines, FL.
        • Raymond Hasson - m. Elena [??]
          • Adam Hasson
        • Arthur Hasson - m. Ingrid [??]
          • Isaac Hasson
          • Sophie Hasson
        • Josh Hasson
    • Fina Passo -m. Sam Calderon
      Settled in Indianopolis.
      • Albert Calderon
      • Charlie Calderon
      • Morris Calderon
      • Pauline Calderon
    • *Sam Passo -m. *Sophie "Buena" Cassorla
      Sophie was a "mail-order" bride. Sam was a tailor in the US.
      • Sara "Sally" Passo -m. AlOf blessed memory. Died March 16, 2003ce. Morris (Changed from Aroesti)
        Al [Aroesti] Morris was a son of Isaac Aroesti. His nephew, Dr. Sam Passo, remembered him in a note about his recent passing: "Uncle Al was a colorful personality - affectionately called the "Godfather" by many members of the Etz Chaim Sephardic Jewish Community of Indianapolis. He was a wonderful Uncle to me, and I have many fond memories of him and his joy for life."
        • Barbara Morris
        • Annette Morris
      • MollyOf blessed memory. Passo -m. David "Jimmy" Nahmias
        David was a grocery storekeeper, then after retirement was a dealer at the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas.
        • Roberta Nahmias -m. Dan Mortensen
          [Las Vegas]
          • Molly Mortensen -m. [??]
            • [??]
      • Esther Passo m. Lou Zuckerman
        He was a pediatrician in NJ, then retired to Fla.
        • Howard Zuckerman -m. [??]
        • Steven Zuckerman -m. [??]
      • Mary (Miriam) Passo -m. Norman Campbell
      • Rebecca "Babs" Passo -m. NathanOf blessed memory. Zoll
        The family business is Zesco Products, Inc., a restaurant supply and equipment superstore based in Indianapolis, IN.
        • Steven Zoll
        • TwinMark Zoll
        • TwinClark Zoll
        • Scott Zoll
      • Celia Passo -m. MikeOf blessed memory. Yosha (Monastirli family)
        • Sandra [DVM] Yosha -m. Bruce [??]
          • [daughter]
        • David Yosha
      • Albert (Avram) Passo -m. Leona Lair
        • Send e-mail[DDS] Samuel Passo (LtCol, USArmy) -m. Karen Williams
          Previously a Professor of Dentistry, University of Michigan. Now a military dentist, at Fort Campbell, KY.
        • Rickey Passo -m. Gail Sanford
          [Attorney. Colorado Springs, CO]
          • Samantha Passo
          • Megan Passo
          • TwinHillary Passo
          • TwinKatie Passo
        • Michael Passo -m. Kate Hamilton
          [Ophthamologist, Portland, OR. Professor, University of Oregon School of Medicine.]
          • Will Passo
          • Ross Passo
    • *Hyman (Chaim) Passo -m. Rachel Saadi
      Rachel's youngest brother, David Saadi, immigrated to Mexico in 1917, after not being able to immigrate along with most of the family who immigrated to the U.S. before World War One. He settled in Mexico, where he died a number of years ago, eventually marrying Dora Sadicario in the 1930s, who emigrated to Mexico from Brooklyn. The Saadi family has a restaurant in the heart of Mexico City named "Flash".
      • *AlbertOf blessed memory. Passo -m. Sylvia [??]
        According to family lore, Albert was born on the boat to New York.
        Settled his family in Indianapolis, where he was a pharmacist. Was active in the Etz Chaim community in Indianapolis.
        • Send e-mailRuth Passo
        • Send e-mailGeoff Passo
          [Las Vegas, NV]
        • Send e-mailLarry Passo -m. Debra [??]
          [Irvine, CA]
        • Send e-mailRichard Passo
          [Attorney. Las Vegas, NV]
      • Sophia/SophieOf blessed memory. Passo -m. Al Katz
        • Beverly Katz -m. [??]
          [Indianapolis--member of Etz Chaim Cong]
          • Julie -m. Shiram [??]
            • Mina Sophia
        • Louis Katz -m. Irene [??]
          [V.P./Treas., George Washington Univ., Washington, D.C. ]
      • CharlieOf blessed memory. "Mishulam" Passo -m. Nellie [??]
        • MikeOf blessed memory. Passo
          [Legal Librarian. Last position was legal librarian for the Dayton Daily News Newspaper]
        • Tommie Passo, M.D.
          [Cardiologist. Indianapolis.]
      • Sara Passo -m. Send e-mailRobert "Bob" Joseph Goldberg
        [Mount Laurel, NJ]
        • Daniel Henry Goldberg
          [Bellmawr, NJ]
        • Send e-mail Joshua Simon Goldberg -m. Lorre Hammerman
          [Seattle, WA]
          • Rachelle Aviv Goldberg
          • Aimée Nitzan Goldberg
          • TwinLiora Frieda Goldberg
            Liora was named in honor of the memory of FreidaOf blessed memory. Hochberg (née Faigenbaum), Lorre's maternal grandmother. Photo of the twins
          • TwinEliana Yael Goldberg
        • Send e-mailMatthew Joseph Goldberg
          [Marlton, NJ]
      • Isaac "Issie"Of blessed memory. Passo -m. Martha [??]
        • Debbie Passo -m. [??]
        • Murray Passo, MD -m. Debbie [??]
          [Murray is Professor, University of Cincinnati.]
          [Nationally known pediatrician, affiliated with the Children's Hospital of Cincinnati.]
        • Send e-mailHerbie Passo -m. Evelyn [??]
          [Lake County, Indiana ]

This section last updated April 2002ce from material provided by Sam Passo and merged with material developed by Albert Fried-Cassorla.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
Send e-mail Elie Cassorla
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