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Content and Format Updated 5762 [August 2002ce].
Jeoshua Cassorla Family of Monastir This section is dedicated to the family history of descendants of Jeoshua Cassorla of Monastir.
Related Sefaradí families include: Baruch, Camhi, Hasson, Pardo, multiple Passo/Pesso families.

This section compiled 1999-2002ce from material provided through Albert Fried-Cassorla, by his parents and family.

  • [Rabbi]*Jeoshua CassorlaOf blessed memory. Born ca. 1860, Monastir, d. ?? Monastir. - m.    (1) [???]    (2)*MalkaOf blessed memory. Born ca. 1872ce, Monastir, d. 1940. [??]
    Jeoshua was married twice. See story below.
    Jeoshua Cassorla married his second wife, Malka—an orphan—in Monastir around 1890ce, in part to do a good deed, to remove her from the poverty she was in. Also, he gained in his new wife someone who was young and strong to be his companion. He was about 30, she about 18. Many children of Jeoshua by his first marriage were older than Malka.

    Malka attributed almost miraculous powers to Jeoshua, in ability to heal the sick. People came to Rabbi Cassorla and would have a drink of water, and the Rabbi would say a prayer. According to Malka, in many cases the people would revive.

    Jeoshua did not have a congregation, but was very highly regarded by the people of Monastir. He was a bookbinder by trade. He had a long grey beard. People would kiss Malka's hand here in New York, out of respect for her being the wife of a rabbi.

    No data about children of the first marriage.
    Children of Rabbi Jeoshua Cassorla: Buena, Avrahm, Jack.

    • *Buena Cassorla - m. Hyman Passo
      Ellis Island records show Buena arriving on June 13, 1915 at the age of 18, aboard the Piraeus. She is listed as "Boina Kassorla", traveling with her father-in-law, Moreno Pesso (age 55) and Sinhoula Pesso, age 18, a married woman, who lists Malka as her aunt.
      Although Buena is traveling under her maiden name, she must be coming to join her husband, since the Ellis Island officer has annotated the record to indicate that she is Moreno Pesso's daughter-in-law.
      Moreno Pesso claims that Buena's mother, Malka, is his cousin. Apparently Malka is still in Monastir, as of this record.
      These three are to be met by "Avram Jossia Kassorla", identified as Buena's brother, Moreno's son-in-law, and Sinhoula's brother-in-law.
      Possibly, Moreno Pesso is Sophie Passo's father.
      Avram's address is given as International Gas Electric Fixture Co., 176-180 Grand St., NY
    • *Abraham (Avrahm) "Al"Of blessed memory. Born c. 1890 in Monastir; died 1970 age 80 in NYCity. Cassorla - m. *SophieOf blessed memory. Born c. 1897 in Monastir; died c. 1986 age 84 in NYCity. Passo
      Sophie arrived in New York in 1915, and married Avrahm. Much of Sophie's family settled in Indianapolis.
      [ Go ]Sophie was a daughter of Abraham and Bertha Passo..
      We believe that Avrahm was the first-born of Yeoshua and Malka. Avrahm emigrated in 1910ce, passing through Ellis Island on his way to Allen Street on the Lower East Side.

      Like many others of his time, he was fleeing Turkish conscription. Also, he was fleeing a girlfriend whom he did not want to marry. This was an arranged marriage which never happened. Also, he had reneged on his agreement with his cobbler boss to serve as an apprentice for several more years in Monastir. As Avrahm once said of the inequity of the situation, "My boss would have paid me a pittance for a week's work, when I could earn as much fixing one pair of shoes in Monastir."

      Avrahm became an antiques repairer. His first job was working for a gas fixture factory. He formed a partnership with an Ashkenasi worker of that factory, Motel.

      His family lived on the Lower East Side until 1928ce, when they moved to New Lots (now known as East New York). Avrahm did business for many years in Manhattan as Antique Gas and Electric Fixtures, later known as A. Kessler, Manufacturer of Synagogue Specialties.

      Avrahm chose A. Kessler rather than Cassorla Hardware as his company's name, because Kessler sounded "more Jewish" to his mostly Ashkenasi clientele. This was important in his line of work, where he specialized in Jewish religious items such as Menorahs, Chupas (wedding canopies) and Ner Tamids (Eternal Lights). He passed away in 1970ce.

      • JosephOf blessed memory. B. 1916ce, d. 1956ce (Yeoshua) Cassorla - m. Lee [??]
        Joseph was the First-born of Avrahm and Sophie. Lee currently resides in San Diego, CA.
        • David Cassorla
        • Phyllis Cassorla -m. [??] Clark
      • Molly Cassorla - m. Jack Baruch
        Molly was the second-born of Avrahm and Sophie. Now of Cedarhurst, LI, NY and Pembrook Pines, FL.
        • Sylvia Baruch
          Former Provost of NYU, now retired.
        • Adele Baruch
      • Louis (Eliahu) Cassorla - - m. Rebecca (Betty) Camhi
        Louis, third-born child of Avrahm and Sophie, was born in New York.
        [ Go ]Betty's grand-parents were David and Esterina Camhi, from Kastoria..
        Louis was a sportswear contractor, Betty a seamstress and homemaker. They are now retired in Bellmore, LI, NY.
        Read about Lou's life and times in his own words (and pictures) at the SephardicCafe or at their Autobiographical site.
        • [ Send e-mail ] Albert (Avrahm) Fried-Cassorla - m. Martha Fried
          Albert is an author, playwright, advertising person, now of Melrose Park, PA.
          • TwinEmma Fried-Cassorla
          • TwinBenjamin Fried-Cassorla
        • Ken (Kenny) Cassorla - m. Jeanette Jackson
          They live in Aptos, CA. Kenny is a chiropractor. Jeanette is a dental hygienist and educator.
          • Nathan Cassorla
          • Tommy Cassorla
        • Marshall (Moshe) Cassorla - m. Christina Fumasoli
          Currently resides in Bellmore, LI, NY.
          • David Cassorla
      • Morris (Moshe) Cassorla - m. Selma Silverman
        Now of Tamarac, FL.
        • Sandy Cassorla - m. Martin Bassoff
          • Seth Bassoff -m. Gital Kaddoch
            • Sara Bassoff
        • Roberta Cassorla - m. (1) [??] Wagner (2) Martin Ehrlich
          • David Wagner
      • Bessy Cassorla - m. Ike HassonOf blessed memory
        Bessy is the fifth-born of Avrahm and Sophie.
        Now of Cedarhurst, LI, NY and Pembrook Pines, FL.
        • Raymond Hasson - m. Elena [??]
          • Adam Hasson
        • Arthur Hasson - m. Ingrid [??]
          • Isaac Hasson
          • Sophie Hasson
        • Josh Hasson
    • JackOf blessed memory. Born c. 1888; died 1993. Cassorla - m. LenaOf blessed memory. Died c. 1997. Pardo

This section updated August 2002ce from material provided by Albert Fried-Cassorla.
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