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Content Update 5763 [May 2003ce].
Meir Aroesty/Aronesty Family of Monastir This section dedicated to the memories and family histories of Meir Aroesty and his descendants.
In the US, this family settled among countrymen in the Lower East Side section of Manhattan, in New York City.
As with other Aroesty families, different branches of this family used different spellings in the US. —Dan/Don and his family were known as "Aronesty".
Related Sefaradí families include: Albucar, Alfassa, Behar, Baruch, Calderon, two different Camhi families, Hazan, Matarasso, Morhaim, Motola, Nachmias, Pardo, Rousso.

Basic material in this section provided through the courtesy of Dan Aronesty, based on a family genalogy edited by Michael Lee Cohen as of February 1998. Additional recollections provided by Elie Cassorla and Lillian Cassorla. Updated May 2003ce by Julie Bass, supplemented with information from Jane Reader; Sept 2003ce update from Mollie Bookchin.

  • *MeirOf blessed memory. Aroesty -m. [??]
    At this point we know of Meir and his family only through two sons, Abraham and Dan.
    • *Abraham Aroesti -m. [??]
    • *DanOf blessed memory. Aronesty -m. Mazal TovOf blessed memory. "Matau" Albucar
      Mazal Tov's older sister Bohora married Avram Baruch, the founder of A. Baruch & Sons at 93 Allen St.
      Through this relationship, the family is related to Baruches, Calderones, and Pardos.
      Dan operated a kavané ("coffee-house") on Allen St.
      Dan and Matau had a fairly large family:
      Sophie, Sarah, Dora, Morris, Michael/"Mickey", and Louis.
      For many years, Mickey and Morris operated a business together contracting ladies' sportswear on Eldridge St., in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.
      • SophieOf blessed memory, b. June 30, 1903, d. October 1981. Aronesty -m. Shabetai/ShabatyOf blessed memory, b. 1901, d. 1975. Camhi
        Married 1923.
        Had a business on Allen St between Broome and Grand.
        • Regina "Reggie" Camhi -m. Joseph S. Camhi
          Joe's parents were —coincidentally— named Shabitay and Dona Camhi. So both husband and wife (though previously unrelated) had a father named Shabitay Camhi.
          Joe had an underwear business. Reggie & Joe are very active supporters of the Sephardic Home.
          Joe is President of the Cedarhurst Temple (2002ce).
          • Donna Camhi -m. Victor Hazan
            • Lori Hazan
            • Ricki Hazan
          • Sydel Carol Camhi -m. Steven Chernoff
            • Justin Hale Chernoff
            • Kim Alyssa Chernoff
            • Robyn Page Chernoff
          • Stanley Albert Camhi -m. Dale Hausler
            • Brooke Allison Camhi
            • Jeffrey Camhi
          • Rita Camhi -m. Richard Marin
            • Regan Anne Marin
            • Courtney Cara Marin
        • Claire Camhi -m. Jack Lustig
        • Molly Camhi -m. Edward Bookchin
          • Felicia Bookchin
          • Susan Bookchin -m. Derek Wentzell
          • Michael Bookchin -m. Nancy Berkowitz
            • Evan Bookchin
            • Mackenzie Bookchin
        • Shirley Camhi -m. Louis Aroyo
          • Shari Aroyo
          • Steven Aroyo -m. Martine Levy
        • Albert Camhi -m. Myrna Newman
          • Stephanie Camhi -m. Gregg Budin
          • Steven Camhi -m. Alissa Musen
          • Jill Camhi -m. Greg Osinoff
      • SarahOf blessed memory, b. 1910, d. 1950. Aronesty -m. OvadiahOf blessed memory, b. 1900, d. 1974. Matarasso
        • Albert Matarasso -m. Rachel Motola

        • Rachel is the daughter of Eliyahu Motola and Leshayva Levy. Rachel was known throughout her life as "Rae." In December 1990 Rae and Al moved to Coconut Creek FL.
          • Shari Lynn Matarasso -m. Stephen Ira Allen
            Shari relocated to Coconut Creek, FL 1990.
            • Sean Robert Allen
            • Rachel Tara Allen
          • Charles Albert Matarasso -m. Guila Sandra Rehany
            Coconut Creek, FL.
            • Avi Kefir Matarasso
        • Don Matarasso -m. Carole May Levine
          • Lawrence Matarasso
          • Sheri Matarasso -m. Matt Brady
          • April Matarasso
      • DoraOf blessed memory, b. 1914, d. 1978. Aronesty -m. David Brenner
        • Arthur BrennerOf blessed memory, b.Oct. 18, 1938, d.Oct 7, 1988. -m. Renee Cohen
          • Michelle Brenner -m. Herbert Sklar
            • Andrew Sklar
          • Shari Brenner -m. Robert Drury
          • Debra Brenner -m. Darren Friedman
        • Joseph Brenner -m. Norma Schwartz
          • Douglas Brenner - m. Lori [??]
            • Devon Brenner
            • Ryanne Brenner
          • Stuart Brenner
          • Brian Brenner
        • Irene Brenner -m. Michael Ward
          • Melissa Ward
          • Jackie Ward
          • Jennifer Ward
      • MorrisOf blessed memory, b. 3/16/1917, d. 6/14/1986. Aronesty -m. LillieOf blessed memory, b. 1920, d. 9/1998. Morhaim
        Following the passing of Morris, Lillie remarried, to Louis Eskanazy.
        • Marilyn Aronesty -m. Jerry BassOf blessed memory, b. 1938, d. 10/1996.
          • Michael Bass - m. Brenda Moses
            • Jordan Bass
            • Hope Madison Bass
          • Lisa Bass -m. Vincent Polese
            [ NYC ]
          • Julie Bass
            [ Long Beach, LI, NY ]
        • Iris Aronesty -m. Michael Bresner
          • Gregg Bressner - m. Lisa Michaels
            • Justin Matthew Bresner
            • Riley Gabrielle Bresner
      • Michael (Meir)Of blessed memory, b. 4/16/1919, d. 1/22/1997. "Mickey" Aronesty -m. VirginiaOf blessed memory, b. ??, d. ??. Behar
        Virginia—the daughter of [??] and Clara Behar—has a brother and a sister.
        Mickey was an officer of the Monastir Society most of his adult life. In the old days, in the Monastirli kehila at 173 Eldridge St., he was renowned for having the sweetest singing voice in the kehila.
        • MarilynOf blessed memory, b. 2/12/1943, d. 10/29/1994. -m. Jerry Beckman
          • Sheryl Beckman
        • [ Send e-mail ]Dan "Danny" Aronesty -m. Fran Weiser
          Dan has been active in Monastirli affairs most of his adult life. Currently the President of the Society.
          • Michael Aronesty -m. Renee Joy Ginsberg
          • Vicki Aronesty
          • Jason Aronesty
      • LouisOf blessed memory, b. 5/30/1921, d. 5/3/1977. Aronesty -m. JuliaOf blessed memory, b. ??/?/1923, d. ??/?/1985. Alfassa
        • Danny Aronesty
        • Scott Aronesty -m. Michele [??]
          • Laine Aronesty
          • Bari Aronesty
        • Robert Aronesty -m. (1) Ronni [??]
          • Jessica Aronesty
        •   [ Robert ]    -m. (2) Stephanie [??]

Basic material in this section provided through the courtesy of Dan Aronesty, based on a family genalogy edited by Michael Lee Cohen as of February 1998. Additional recollections provided by Elie Cassorla and Lillian Cassorla.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] monastirli@hotmail.com
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