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Content and Format New 5761 [May 2001ce].
The Mo´se Cassorla Family of France This section is dedicated to the family--both antecedents and descendants of Moïse Cassorla who grew up to become the Chief Rabbi of the Sefaradim of Paris, France.
Related Sefaradí families include: Calderon, Meshoulam, ___, ___.

This section compiled from material provided by his childhood friend--Morris Cassorla; his son Jose; the records of the Destroyers; and supplemented with documentary records which Moïse himself left in the Yad VaShem in Israel.

  • Moshe Cassorla -m. [??]
    We know of this antecedent only from the name of his son (below), who was the father of Rabbi Moïse.

    In the deportation lists, we find the parents and siblings of Rabbi Mo´se. Listed as #1794, arrested at their home, Zar Krum 12 Yeoshua, his wife and four children.

    • Schua Mosche (Yeshua ben Moshe)Of blessed memory - m. *DonaOf blessed memory Calderon
      Yeshua is listed as having been born in 1879ce, and Dona in 1887ce. Thus they would have been about 64 and 56 years old, respectively at the time of their arrest and deportation.
      Years later, in 1975, Moïse would record her name as Donna, and her year of birth as 1889ce. He also provided the names of her parents, Mosché and Myriam.
      • *Mo´seOf blessed memory -m. [??]
        *Mo´se Cassorla grew up in Monastir. In post-War France, he would become a major Jewish leader. He became the Chief Rabbi of the Sefaradim of Paris, France.
        Mo´se Cassorla studied under my Grandfather Haham Bohor Haim Cassorla in Monastir; he was about the same age as my own father, who had the same name, and they were childhood friends.

        Once, travelling through the south of France, I came across the rabbi of Avignon. A Morroccan, he had studied in France under Rabbi Mo´se Cassorla, and had great respect for him.
        Provided by Elie Cassorla

        Mo´se Cassorla retired to Israel, and is now deceased. One of his sons, Jose (Yeoshua) lives in the US, in New York City, and provides this anecdote about his father.

        A few years before the war, after finishing the Paris rabbinical Seminary, my father was named Rabi of Toulouse (in the southwest of France) which had a thriving little community with a large proportion of Sephardim. After the promulgation of the antisemitic laws by the Vichy government, my father had to go in hiding and found safety in Nice for a while and then in a small village Saint Julia, at the foot hills of the Pyrennees, not too far away from Toulouse.
        Provided by Jose Cassorla
        • Jose
      • DschakOf blessed memory born 1919ce.
        It's hard to tell what this name might have been. It could be a German or Bulgarian soldier's attempt to write a French name like Jacques. It was pretty common for educated jews in Monastir at that time to identify strongly with French, if they had been educated at the Alliance.
      • AvramOf blessed memory born 1922ce. Listed as a tailor.
        In 1975, Rabbi Moïse recorded his name as Albert-Avraam and his year of birth as 1921.
      • JosefOf blessed memory born 1925ce. Listed as a tailor.
      • IsakOf blessed memory born 1927ce. Listed as a "flicker".
        Oddly, Isak is listed as "Isak Josef" (Isak ben Yosef), as though he belonged to a different family, and was perhaps only living with this family.
    • HaimOf blessed memory -m. *EstherOf blessed memory (née Meshoulam)
      In 1975, Rabbi Moïse memorialized his aunt Esther Meshoulam Cassorla at Yad VaShem. Tante Esther's father is identified as Mordehaï--apparently he did not know her mother's name.
      Presumably, Haim was his father's brother, since Esther is identified as Moïse's aunt, and her husband's name is shown as Haim. Moïse reports that the couple and their two children were deported by the destroyers.
      • [2 children]Of blessed memory

This section last updated May 2001ce from supplementary material found in the Yad vaShem archive by Amnon Orent. If you are related either by descent or marriage to any of the clans mentioned in this section, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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