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Resources for you to recreate and maintain the Monastirli experience; the tastes, the sounds, the ambiance and camaraderie.
Learn how to make Fijones, Miyina, Babanatza, Pita de spinaka, Passover farfel.
Learn about the Languages of the Monastirlis.
Find other Sephardic contacts in our listing of several ways to maintain contact with Monastirlis and Sepharadim.

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In an effort to pull together additional resources, we are listing here a variety of organizations and publications by and about Sepharadim. We can't totally vouch for the accuracy of all this information, since much of it comes to us second- or third-hand.
[ Synagogues and Congregations ]
[ Cultural Organizations and Publications ]
If you have direct knowledge about these or other resources of interest, please let us know by e-mail to
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Synagogues and Congregations

Congregation Peace and Brotherhood of Monastir

Kehila Kedosha Ahavat Shalom de Monastir

The old Monastirli synagogue was at 173-175 Eldridge Street, between Delancey and Rivington Sts. on the Lower East Side. It was in the inter-building courtyard, and was reached by walking through the tenement building's ground floor hallway to the back. The building housed a Kehila, with an outside iron stair to the Women's Gallery (there was also an inside stair), and an upper floor that housed the Talmud Torah—called Ohr Torah—until around 1950, when there were too few students to keep it going.

As the Monastirlis from the Lower East Side and those from the New Lots area of Brooklyn moved "up and out," they established a new facility in Cedarhurst (see below). After a time, they could no longer maintain the Eldridge Street synagogue. It was sold. The site was later cleared and no trace of it remains

Since the closing of the Kehila on Eldridge Street, the few remaining Monastirlis in the Lower East Side neighborhood have joined forces with the "Yanniotes"--the Romaniote rite Kehila Kedosha Janina on Broome Street.

Contact info for that synagogue follows:

  • Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum
  • Address: 280 Broome St.
  • New York, NY 10002
  • Mail: P. O. Box 72
  • New York, NY 10276
  • Website: www.kkjsm.org
  • Telephone: 212-431-1619
  • FAX: 973-316-1356
  • Museum Director: Marcia Haddad Ikonomopoulos
  • Former Curator: Isaac Dostis
  • Contact Info

    President: Dan M. Aroesty
    Financial/Dues Secretary: Larry Kamhi
    PO Box 74, New Haven, CT 06501
    Tel: (203) 937-1037
    Burial Secretary: Sol Camhi
    505 Newport Dr, Manalapan, NJ, 07726
    Tel: (732) 308.0499
    email: solcamhi@juno.com

    The Sephardic Temple (Monastirli)

    Kehila Kedosha Emeth ve Shalom

    As the Monastirlis from the Lower East Side and those from the New Lots area of Brooklyn moved "up and out," they established a new facility in Cedarhurst.

    Contact Info

    Branch Boulevard at Halevy Drive
    P.O. Box 392
    Cedarhurst NY 11516
    Tel: +516.295.4644

    Etz Chaim Congregation of Indianapolis

    Congregation Etz Chaim

    This large congregation of Sephardim, has many members descended from the original immigrants to the area from Monastir. They publish a monthly newsletter about the members, and also include a number of recipes. Contact them at the address listed here.

    Contact Info

    Secretary: Bill Levy
    826 West 64th Street
    Indianapolis, IN 46260

    Sephardic Jewish Center of Canarsie


    This congregation of Angoralis, Monastirlis, etc originated in New Lots and relocated many years ago to Canarsie.

    Contact Info

    9320 Flatlands Avenue
    Brooklyn NY, 11236 USA
    Rabbi: Myron Rakowitz

    Sephardic Jewish Center of Forest Hills


    This congregation of Selaniklis originated in the Bronx and relocated many years ago to Forest Hills.

    Contact Info

    67-67 108th Street
    Forest Hills NY, 11375 USA
    Rabbi: Dr. M. Asher Murciano

    The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue of New York

    Congregation Shearith Israel

    This is the "home base" for all Sefaradim in the United States. It dates back to the very first Sefaradim to settle in New Amsterdam in 1654, during the time of Peter Stuyvesant.

    Contact Info

    2 West 70th Street
    New York NY, USA
    Tel: +212.496.2173
    Fax: +212.496.2264

    Manhattan Sephardic Congregation



    Contact Info

    325 East 75th St. (between 1st Ave. & 2nd Ave)
    NY NY
    Rabbi: Raphael Benchimol
    Tel: +212.988.6085

    Congregation Ezra Bessaroth


    Founded by Ladino-speaking Jews from Rhodes.

    Contact Info

    5217 S. Brandon St.
    Seattle WA, 98118
    Rabbi: Rabbi Yamin Levy
    Tel: +206.722.5500
    Fax: +206.725.8985
    E-mail: ezzybezzy@juno.com

    Congregation Etz Ahaim

    Sephardic Congregation Etz Ahaim of Middlesex County


    Contact Info

    230 Denison Street
    Highland Park, New Jersey 08904
    Rabbi: David Bassous
    Tel: +732.247.3839
    Fax: +732.545.3191
    E-mail: etzahaim@earthlink.net

    Congregation Beth Rambam



    Contact Info

    11333 Braesridge
    Houston TX, USA
    Tel: +713.723.3030

    [ Chicago ] Sephardic Congregation

    Sephardic Congregation of the Portugiuese Israelite Fraternity

    Originally founded by Ladino speaking Sefaradim, the congregation is home to Sefaradim from many different backgrounds.

    Contact Info

    11819 W. Howard St.
    Evanston IL 60202, USA
    Tel: +847.475.7707
    Fax: +847.475.7067
    Rabbi: Michael Azose
    Website: www.sephardiccong.com

    [ Miami, FL ] Sephardic Congregation

    Sephardic Congregation of Florida Torat Moshe

    Torat Moshe is an orthodox congregation, founded in 1968 and its members are mainly of Cuban background and descendants of Turkey..

    Contact Info

    1200 Normandy Drive
    Miami Beach, Florida 33141, USA
    Tel: +(305) 861-6308
    Fax: +(305) 868-6124
    President: Mr. Jose Ojalvo
    Website: Torat Moshe


    The Spanish and Portuguese Jews' Congregation of London


    Contact Info

    2 Heneage Lane,
    London, EC3A 5DQ
    Web: Link in separate window.
    Tel: (+44)0171-6261274
    Fax: (+44)0171-
    Office in Ashworth Road
    Tel: (44) (171) 289 2573
    Rabbi: Halfon Benarroch
    Shamash & Tour guide: Henry Valier
    E-mail: henryv@first-step.demon.co.uk

    Cultural Organizations and Publications

    Sephardic Home

    Brooklyn, New York

    Monastirlis were among the principal founders and supporters of this institution. It was familiarly known for many years simply as "The Home" or "The Old Age Home."

    Once supported entirely by contributions from the Sefaradim of New York City, it is now a public institution, though Sefaradim in general and Monastirlis in particular remain among its most ardent philanthropic supporters.

    The Ladies Auxiliary (LASHA) runs the lobby shop, and accepts individual donations.

    Contact Info

    The Sephardic Home
    Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

    2266 Cropsey Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11214
    Tel: (718)266-6100

    Sephardi Federation of Palm Beach County

    Palm Beach, Florida

    This organization publishes the newsletter Ke Haber.

    Contact Info

    109 Palomino Drive
    Jupiter, Florida 33458
    Tel: (561)744-1950

    American Sephardi Federation at the Center for Jewish History

    Including: Sephardic House, Beth Sephardi

    Institute for Researching and Promoting Sephardic History and Culture
    at the Center for Jewish History

    Contact Info

    15 West 16th Street
    New York NY 10011, USA
    Tel: +212.294.6170/8350
    Fax: +212.294.6149/8348
    Web-sites: [Will link in separate window.] Sephardic House (1) , Sephardic House (2) , American Sephardi Federation .
    E-mail: sephardichouse@cjh.org

    Sephardic Tradition and Recreation (STAR)

    Los Angeles

    Founded in 1998 by a Monastirli from Rochester NY, this is a thriving Jewish youth organization serving the Sephardic Jewish Community in the Los Angeles and San Fernando area.

    Contact Info

    Van Nuys CA _____, USA
    Tel: +(818) 782-7359
    Fax: +
    Web: Link in separate window.
    E-mail: lastar.org

    Turkish Sephardi Federation

    Turk Sefarad Federasyonu

    Uniting the Balkanic-Aegean Ladino Sephardis.

    Contact Info

    [ In USA ]
    8 West 70th Street
    New York, NY 10023, USA
    (Rabbi) Dr. Marc Angel, First Vice-President

    [ In Turkey ]
    A. Saygun Cad. Lale Sok. 70/3
    Ulus 80600 Istanbul
    Tel: (90-212) 265 42 45
    Fax: (90-212) 263 42 66
    Dr. Yilmaz Y. BenAdrete, President

    Erensia Sefardi


    A publication affiliated with the Turkish Sefardi Federation.

    Contact Info

    Dr Albert de Vidas, Editor
    46 Benson Place
    Fairfield CT 06430, USA
    e-mail: erensia@aol.com
    Fax: +203.256.8819

    American Association of Jewish Friends of Turkey

    Contact Info

    P.O. Box 140228
    Howard Beach, New York 11414, USA
    e-mail: AAJFT@aol.com
    Web: Link in separate window.
    Zack J. Levy, Treasurer
    E-mail: zeejayel@msn.com

    International Survey of Jewish Monuments (ISJM)

    A Heritage Preservation Organization

    Provides a newsletter and performs a clearing-house function for information about Jewish (including Sephardic) interest sites around the world.
    Contact Info

    123 Clarke Street
    Syracuse, NY 13210
    Tel: +(315) 474-2350
    Fax: +(315) 474-2347
    WebSite: http://www.isjm.org/

    Aki Yerushalayim

    Revista Kulturala Djudeo-Espanyola

    Semi-annual $30/yr.

    Contact Info

    Yerushalayim 91080, Israel

    Los Muestros


    A quarterly in French, Judeo-Spanish, Italian and English. $50/yr.
    Contact Info

    25 rue Dodonée
    1180 Brussels, Belgium

    La Lettre Sépharade

    Contact Info
    F-84220, Gordes France

    [ English edition ]
    P.O.Box 2450
    Kensington,MD 20891-2450


    Contact Info

    Atuye Sok, Polar
    Apt. No. 12/6
    Tesvikiye, Istanbul, Turkey

    Newsletter of the Jewish Museum of Greece

    In the Autumn of 1997, the Museum itself moved to new quarters at 19 Nikis Street.
    Contact Info

    36 Amalias Street
    10558 Athens, Greece

    Noticias del Museo Sefardi

    Contact Info

    c/. Samuel Levi s/n 45002
    Toledo, Spain

    Raices, Revista Judia de Cultura

    Contact Info

    Apartado 16110
    28080 Madrid, Spain

    El Vocero

    Contact Info

    Av. Ricardo Lyon 812
    Santiago, Chile


    Contact Info

    Rua Jardim Ivon, 17 # 23,
    04105-020 São Paulo, Brazil
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