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Salomon Rosilio Family of Monastir As far as is known, almost all the members of this family were deported to Treblinka in 1943 by the destroyers.
The only remaining descendants are descended from Avraham "Alberto" Rosilio, who made aliyah in 1939.
Read about Alberto and his family in the reminiscences of his daughter Yoella.
Related Sefaradí families: Pardo.
Material in this section contributed by Yoella Razili Benari.

  • J. (Probably Juda) -m. [??]
    • Remember Always*SalomonOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1873.  Deported to Treblinka 1943. Rosilio -m. Sumcha (Bochora)Of blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1881.  Deported to Treblinka 1943. [??]
      This couple had seven children: Juda, Sara, Jakov, Mois, Alberto, Sola, Mayer.
      The story of Alberto's aliyah to ha-Aretz is told below.
      According to records left by the destroyers, all the rest--together with all their families were deported to Treblinka, and presumably lost--except for the daughters, Sola and Sara, of whom nothing is known.
      Alberto's daughter Yoella passes on the following regarding her father's sisters:
      I know that one of them was married to somebody from the Pardo family. They even made a trip to Israel, but unfortunately, they came back to Yugoslavia.
      My father always felt sorry for his sister who was married to a drunk. He even told me that when they came back, my father had to give his brother-in-law some money to get his suit-cases from the port.
      • Remember Always*JudaOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1907.  Deported to Treblinka 1943. -m. *ReginaOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1913.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.
        • *SalomonOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1931.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.
        • *DavidOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1936.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.
        • *JosefOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1941.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.
      • Sara (b. 1910)? -m. [??] Pardo
      • Remember Always*JakovOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1912.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.
      • Remember Always*MoisOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1914.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.
      • *Alberto/AvrahamOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1917.  Died 12/21/2000. Rosilio/Razili -m. EdithOf blessed memory. Born 1914.  Died 1997 Blumenfeld
        As a young man, Alberto Rosilio asked his father for permission not to finish high school. Instead he would go to the Hacshara in order to prepare himself to work in agriculture in Israel, and eventually immigrate to Israel--which he did in 1939. That was the best decision of his life! He survived! With the help of "shlichim," he escaped from Yugoslavia to Italy and went on a fishing boat illegally to Israel. Later, he changed his name to Avraham Razili, lived most of his life in Kibbutz Kfar Blum. He passed away at the age of 84 after complication of heart surgery.
        • Shlomo Razili -m. [??]
          Now of Israel.
          • [??]
          • [??]
          • [??]
        • Sima -m. [??] Ariel
          Now of Israel.
          • [??]
          • [??]
          • [??]
        • Yoella Razili -m. [??] Benari
          Now of Los Angeles.
          • [??]
          • [??]
          • [??]
      • Sola (b. 1920)?
      • Remember Always*MayerOf blessed memory. Born in Monastir, 1923.  Deported to Treblinka 1943.

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