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Content and Format New 5763 [July 2003ce].
Rousso/Russo Family of Monastir and New York This section dedicated to the descendants of Yahoud Rousso, born in 1863.
This family emigrated to the United States under the influence of the late Leon Kamhi, and entered the ladies' sportswear business. In time one of the firms they founded became Russ Togs, possibly the only Monastirli-owned and operated company ever to be traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
Many members of this family have been prominent in Monastirli affairs in the New York area for decades; including the Monastirli society, the Sephardic Temple in Cedarhurst, and the Sephardic Old Age Home in Brooklyn.
There are so many wonderful and fascinating stories linked to all these families. ... For me the excitement is about tracing the talents and abilities that permeate my family. To discover that my great grandfather made the braids that adorned the uniforms of the Turkish army and that my father taught himself to design and make skirts and taught his brothers, leading to the great success of the Roussos on 7th Ave. I have been blessed with artistic talents, as have so many of my family members. I have always strived to make the most of them as I feel it is my obligation to honor my predecessors and pass it on.
Personal recollection contributed by Sabrina Rousso.
Related Sefaradí families include: Calderon, Meshoulam, Nahmias, Saporta.

Material in this section contributed by Natalie Rousso Bushell, Sabrina Rousso, Ira Rousso.

  • Yahoud Rousso -m. [??]
    • [??] -m. [??]
      • *Nissim Rousso
    • Eli Rousso -m. Rachael Meshoulam
      This couple had five children who emigrated to the USA: Louie, Nelson, Esther, Victor, David.
      • *Louis "Louie" Rousso -m. Dora Cohen
        [ Go ]Dora was the aunt of Sarah Cohen Calderon.
        • EliOf blessed memory. L. Rousso -m. Julia Saporta
          The Saporta family may also have been known as Sparta?
        • Irving "Shortie" Rousso -m. (1) Lillian "Lilly" Calderon
          [ Go ]Lilly was a daughter of Isaac Calderon.
          • Louis Rousso -m. (1) [??]
            • Louis Rousso
            • Katherine Rousso
            • John Rousso
          • [Louis Rousso] -m. (2) Elizabeth [??]
          • Ira Rousso -m. June [??]
            • Leann Rousso
            • Ian Rousso
          • David Rousso -m. Gabrielle [??]
            • Justin Rousso
            • Lauren Rousso
            • Charley Rousso

          Both Lillie and Irving re-married.
        • [Irving] -m. (2) Barbara [??]
        • Diana "Dini"Of blessed memory. Died in her youth, of an illness. Rousso -m. David Fins
      • Nelson Rousso -m. Julia [??]
        • Eli N. Rousso -m. (1) Beverly [??]
        • [Eli] -m. (2) [??]
        • Estelle Rousso -m. Marty [??]
      • Esther Rousso -m. David Lomita
        • Eli Lomita -m. Myrna [??]
        • Sol Lomita -m. (1) Rene [??]
        • [Sol] -m. (2) Janet [??]
      • VictorOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ???? Rousso -m. BettyOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died ???? Nahmias
        [ Go ]Betty was a grand-daughter of Yakov Ben Yakar.
        • Eli VictorOf blessed memory. Born ????.  Died August 22, 1989, Age 54. Rousso -m. Natalie Citron
          [ Natalie re-married to Bernard Bushell ]
          • Victor Eli Rousso -m. Faith Getz
            • Eli Victor Rousso
            • Ethan Brent Rousso
          • Abbe Rousso -m. Robert Winter
            • Eli Max Winter
        • Murray Rousso -m. Joan Solomon
          • Scott Rousso -m. Nada Shakila
            • Luke Rousso
            • Matthew Rousso
          • Harris Rousso -m. Helen Kleiman
            • Sidney Rousso
            • Montana Rousso
          • Darren Rousso -m. Lesley Renieri
            • Maxwell Rousso
            • Etahan Rousso
        • Sabrina Rousso -m. Frederick Satkin
          Sabrina has an online semi-precious jewelry design business, Teahouse Designs.
          • Victor F. Satkin -m. Kim Tabor
            • Keren Rachael Satkin
            • Frederick V. Satkin
          • Bradley Satkin -m. Lisa Pepper
      • David Rousso -m. Evelyn [??]
        • Eli D. Rousso -m. Judy [??]
        • Sandra Rousso -m. Eli Izhakoff
        • Lyn Rousso

This section compiled July 2003ce from material provided by Natalie Rousso Bushell, Sabrina Rousso, and updated July 2005ce with material contributed by Ira Rousso.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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