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Content update 5764 [April 2004ce].
David Camhi Family of Monastir David Camhi had five children with two wives.

This family record of David Camhi of Monastir begins in Monastir and continues to the United Sates, then connects to both the "Indianapolis Colony" and the "Temuco Colony" of Monastirlis in Chile.
Related Sefaradí families include: Benezra, Calderon, Ergas, Hasson, Levy, Semaya.
This section compiled May 2002ce from material provided by Larry Berebitsky as of July 2001ce, and Teddi Benezra, November 2003ce.

  • *David Camhi -m. (1) Esther [??]
    Esther's family were from Kastoria.
    David was married twice. The name of his second wife is not known at this time.
    David and Esther Camhi had three children: Anna, Rebecca, Muchon.
    • *Anna Camhi -m. *Bucos Levy
      This couple were both born in Monastir, married and settled in Bronx, NY.
      • Mike (Meyer) Levy -m. Claire [??]
        Mike and Claire Levy had three daughters.
        • Anita Meyer -m. Joel Lerner
        • [??]
        • Ellen Meyer -m. Sam Briod
      • Esther Levy -m. SamOf blessed memory. B. June 19, 1917, d. June 24, 1981. Benezra
        [New York]
        I believe my father's family was from Galipoli. On my father's birth certificate, his name is Abraham Benestra, his mother's name was Esther Benestra (maiden name Passuk, or something like that), and it looks as if his father's name was Louis Benestra. According to my parents, the name was recorded as Benestra because when my grandparents arrived at Ellis Island they pronounced Ben-Ezra with a Spanish accent and that's how it got transcribed. I don't know why my father's name was listed as Abraham—I always understood that it was Samuel Abraham Judah Benezra. Anyway, it was just Samuel Benezra on all other papers.
        [Tidbit contributed by "Teddi" Benezra.]
    • *RebeccaOf blessed memory. B. 4/15/1898 in Monastir, d. 1/8/52. Camhi -m. *JacobOf blessed memory. B. 8/8/1889 in Monastir, d. 10/9/1956. Haim Calderon
      This couple were both born in Monastir, married and settled in Indianapolis, Indiana, in 1921.
      [ Go ]Jacob's parents were Haim and Luna Calderon.
      Jacob and Rebecca Calderon had four children: Annie, David, Lena, Haim "Hy".
      • AnnieOf blessed memory. B. 9/11/1922 in Indianapolis, d. 10/16/1995. Calderon -m. AbeOf blessed memory. B. 3/10/1915 in Bellaire, Ohio, d. 7/1/1985. Offengender
        [Indianapolis, Indiana]
        • Rebecca Ellen Offengender
          [Indianapolis, Indiana]
        • Sara Lynne Offengender -m. Marc Steven Weinstein
          [Northbrook, IL]
          • Michael Jacob Weinstein
            [Highland Park, IL]
          • Abby Fay Weinstein
            [Evanston, IL]
          • Melissa Ann Weinstein
            [Highland Park, IL]
        • Joseph David Offengender -m. Jill Denise Sandler
          [Indianapolis, Indiana]
          • Aaron Joseph Offengender
          • Mara Elise Offengender
      • David Jacob Calderon -m. Arlene Glantz
        [Cranston, Rhode Island]
        • Robert James Calderon
      • Lena Jacob Calderon -m. Harold Berebitsky
        [South Bend, Indiana]
        • Paul Allen Berebitsky -m. Cidney Ann Selke
          [Indianapolis, Indiana]
          • Christopher Samuel Berebitsky -m. Holly Michelle Martin
            [Phoenix, AZ]
            • [daughter-1]
            • [daughter-2]
        • Roger David Berebitsky -m. Mara [??]
          [Tualiton, OR]
          • Amber Alysia Berebitsky
            [South Bend, IN]
          • Heather Nicole Berebitsky
            [South Bend, IN]
        • Larry Jay Berebitsky
          [Port Orchard, Washington]
        • Jerry Howard Berebitsky
          [La Veta, Colorado]
      • Haim "Hy" Jacob Calderon -m. Wanda Pauline Kells
        [Colorado Springs, Colorado]
        • Rebecca Lea Calderon -m. Douglas Burden Guthe, Jr.
          [Chapel Hill, NC]
          • Lea Anne Calderon-Guthe
          • David Irvine Calderon-Guthe
          • Clara Kells Calderon-Guthe
        • Edythe Ann "Edye" Calderon
          [Avon, Colorado]
        • Jacob "Jack" Kells Calderon -m. Pamela Lucille Jerkovich
          [Council Bluffs, IA]
          • Matthew Kells Calderon
    • Muchon Camhi
     [*David Camhi] -m. (2) [??] Ergas
      With his second wife, David Camhi had two children: Alegra, [??].
    • AlegraOf blessed memory. B. ??, d. 3/26/1990. Camhi -m. Moises Hasson
      [Santiago, Chile]
      Moise Hasson was previously married to his cousin Estrella Cohen.
      Moise Hasson was a son of Isaac Hasson and [??] Semaya. Another child of this couple, Mazaltov Hasson, went to Temuco as the widow of Isaac Cohen—because some of her children were already there.
      Additional data about the Hasson family generously contributed by Moises Hasson (unrelated) June 2002.
      • Dario Hasson -m. [??]
        • [daughter]
        • [son]
        • [daughter]
      • Simon Hasson
    • [??]

This section compiled May 2002ce from material provided by Larry Berebitsky as of July 2001ce, supplemented by data from Moises Hasson.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
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