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Content and Format New 5763 [July 2003ce].
Peres BenYakar Family of Monastir This section dedicated to the descendants of Peres BenYakar.
In the US, this family was known mostly as "Baker", and "Becker".
Related Sefaradí families include: Cohen, Hasson, Yousha.

Material in this section contributed by Al Collins, Betty Hasson.

  • [??] BenYakar -m. [??]
    • Peres BenYakar -m. [??]
      [ Go ] Two sons of this couple married Yousha sisters.
      • *David Peres BenYakar/Baker -m. *Hanna "Bohora" Yousha
        • Jenny Baker -m. SolomonOf blessed memory.. A. Cohen
          [Jenny now resides in the Sephardic Home in Brooklyn.]
          Solomon was a Kastoriali.
          Solomon was a cutter for Hazan Togs, one of the many Sefaradí-owned ladies' sportswear firms operating in the Garment District (centered on 35th Street and 7th Avenue) in New York during the period. Solomon's son Al remembers that the area was known fondly as "Chinatown", not because of the ethnicity of any residents, but because the streets were always crowded with young men pushing racks filled with garments, and paid "coolie" wages.
          • Al Collins (was Cohen) -m. (1) [??]
            Al's ex-wife remarried. Their children use their step-father's name.
            • Sidney / Sandy Brody
            • Stacy Brody
          • [ Al Collins ] -m. (2) [??]
          • David Cohen -m. Dorothy [??]
          • SidneyOf blessed memory. d. May 11, 1966. Cohen
            Sidney passed away untimely in an auto accident. He was 21 days short of 21 years old.
        • SarahOf blessed memory.. Baker
        • Molly Baker
        • Betty BenYakar -m. (1) MartinOf blessed memory. Died suddenly at age 40 of a heart attack. Young
          Martin Young's sister had a hotel, the Ackerman, in Mt Freedom, NJ.
          • Wendy Young -m.
          • Robin Young -m.
          • Andrea Young
        • [ Betty ] -m. (2) Ralph Hasson
          After the sudden passing of her first husband, Betty was encouraged by her friend Betty Nahmias to meet her friend's nephew, Ralph Hasson. He had been widowed by the early passing of his first wife, and had two daughters. [ Go ] Ralph's father was Baruch Hasson. According to them, it was love at first sight. One day, on a hospital visit to her ill mother, Bohora told Betty to have a child.
          • David Hasson -m. Nicole [??]
            • Howard Hasson
            • Alexandra Hasson
            • Morgan Hasson
        • NelsonOf blessed memory.d. 2002ce. Baker
      • *Peris BenYakar -m. (1) *Rashel Yousha
        According to family lore, this couple could not have children; He felt it was she that couldn't have children, and wanted to be separated and divorced. After she divorced him, she married again (possibly someone from Palestine), and had "baby after after baby" perhaps as many as eleven children.
      • [ *Peris ] -m. (2) [??]

This section compiled July 2003ce from material provided by Al Collins, Betty Hasson.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] elie@jump.net
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