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Content update 5766 [Nov 2005ce].
Descendants of Rayna Asaila of Monastir This section is dedicated to the families of Rayna Asaila of Monastir.
We have her name from the Social Security application of her son Joseph Cassorla.
Rayna (probably "Reina"—a commonly occurring name among Monastirli women) was first married to Morris Nahmias, then to Michael Cassorla. Possibly her first husband died untimely. Rayna and her family lived in Monastir in the late 1800s. Two of her children, David Nahmias and Joseph Cassorla emigrated to the US, and settled in Indianapolis among countrymen.
The bringing together of these two family trees, is in large part attributable to the initiative of Steven Nahmias, who wanted to find and connect with his unknown relatives, and later the persistence of Bonita (Nahmias) Messman who mined the memory of her cousin Goldie (Nahmias) Miller to discover the connection to the Joseph Cassorla family, and then of Ann Millerick, who searched for and located the documentation establishing the name of her previously unknown great-grandmother.
It is of passing interest, that on his Social Security application, Joseph gave his mother's "maiden" name not as Nahmias, but as Asaila, presumably her maiden name from before any marriage. Asaila could be a variation on Assael/Asael, a much more recognizable Monastirli name.
Related Sefaradí families include: Cassorla, Farash, Hazen, Nahmias, Saffan.

This section compiled October 2002ce from information contributed by Harry E.Stein webmaster of www.sephardim.com; William Levy, Past President Etz Chaim Sephardic Congregation of Indianapolis; and family members, including Ann Millerick—daughter of Esther (Cassorla) Shulman, Steven Nahmias, Bonnie (Nahmias) Chapman, Bonita (Nahmias) Messman Robin Frances Miller Klein. Updated February 2003, with details provided by Rachel Nahmias Warshal.

    Rayna Asaila had two families. Her second husband was Michael Cassorla.
  • *Rayna Asaila -m. (1) *Morris Nahmias
    As far as we know, this couple had only one child, David.
    • *DavidOf blessed memory. b.~1880, d.age~80 Morris Nahmias -m. BuenaOf blessed memory. d. young, ~30 Hazen
      David emigrated to the US ca. 1905; he was about 25, and his half-brother Joseph Cassorla was then 10 years old.
      Buena Hazen was a sister to Tillie Hazen's father.
      David Nahmias settled in Indianapolis and brought up his family there. David and Buena were very active in the temple. Albert, Morris & Michael were brought up in Indianapolis, but Morris and Michael left to earn their fortunes in New York, in the garment industry.
      Children of David and Buena Nahmias: Albert, Hymie, Morris, Michael.
      • AlbertOf blessed memory. B. 1902, d. May 5, 1989. David Nahmias -m. Mathilda "Tillie"Of blessed memory. B. 1904, d. March 21, 1937 Hazen
        Tillie was the daughter of Buena Hazen's brother Isadore and Sophie "Tia Sol" Hazen. By that relationship, Albert and Tillie were first cousins [and Tillie's mother-in-law was also her aunt]. Isadore and Sophie Hazen had about 12 children but only 2 survived to come to the United States. Albert Isadore Hazen, and Mathilda, who came to the U.S. as a widow.
        The family settled in the Indianapolis community among countrymen.
        In a note memoire, Feb'03, Rachel Nahmias recalls:

        Everyone in our small area in Indpls. knew Tia Sol. She hardly spoke any English. If you would ask her how she felt she would say "50/50." ... My dad never wanted to be known as a "Turk." He said they were barbaric.
        Children of Albert and Tillie Nahmias: Isadore, Goldie, and Rachel.
        Rachel & Goldie were brought up in Indianapolis.
        • IsadoreOf blessed memory. Died July 5, l951ce, age 25. Nahmias -m. Goldie [??]
          Isadore Nahmias died in a tragic car crash when he was 25 (1951). Isadore at that time was the youngest CPA in the state of Indiana. Their son, Howard, was 2 weeks old at the time. Howard's mother, Goldie, later re-married—to [??] Scher.
          • Howard I. Scher
            Dr. Scher is the chief of genitourinary oncology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City (D. Wayne Calloway Chair in Urologic Oncology).
        • Goldie Nahmias -m. SheldonOf blessed memory. Miller
          • Mona Miller -m. Robert Segal
            • Stella Segal
          • Howard Miller -m. Yasuko "Yash" [??]
            • Micah Miller
            • Isaiah Miller
            • Mariko Miller
            • Hikari Miller
          • [ Send e-mail ]Robin Frances Miller -m. Douglas Klein
            [Cooper City, Florida]
            • Jeremiah/Jeremy London Klein
            • Jacob Goff Klein
            • Ariel Nahmias Klein
              Ariel is named for his great grandfather, Albert Nahmias
            • Sadie Chapman Klein
              Sadie is named for her father's grandmother—Sadie Chapman.
          • [R]Jacqueline Miller -m. Jim Giel
            • William Giel
            • Shelby Giel
        • Rachel Nahmias -m. Morris Warshal
          The youngest daughter of Albert and Matilda is called Rachel, rather than Ruth. The Warshals have five children:
          • Jeffrey Isadore Warshal -m. Maria Buffton
          • Debra Warshal -m. Timothy Robertson
            • Daniel Alan Robertson
            • Michael Barron Robertson
          • Marilyn Warshal -m. Michael Foody
            • Rachel Michelle Foody
          • Karen Warshal -m. Randal Hamburg
          • Susan Warshal Powers -m. Kenneth Powers
            • Mayson William Powers
            • Griffin Morris Powers
      • HymieOf blessed memory. Nahmias
        Died at around 19 years old from kidney disease.
      • MorrisOf blessed memory. B. 1912, d. 1994, age 82 Nahmias -m. Liza Saffan Of blessed memory. B. 1915, d. 1993, age 78
        Liza Saffan's family emigrated from Salonika around 1905, the same year that David Nahmias emigrated.
        Morris and Liza settled in Queens, New York.
        Children of Morris and Liza Nahmias: David, Bonnie, Steven
        • David Nahmias
        • [ Send e-mail ]Bonnie Nahmias -m. Martin Chapman
          [Marlboro, NJ]
          • Lisa Chapman -m. Bob Ivanicki
            [Colts Neck, NJ]
            • Alexandra Ivanicki
            • Rachael Ivanicki
          • Susan Chapman
          • Jeffrey Chapman -m. Julie Lund
            [Moorseville, NC]
            • Spencer Chapman
            • Ethan Chapman
        • [PhD]Steven Nahmias -m. (1) Susan Lynn Esses
        • [ Send e-mail ][ Steven ] -m. (2) Vivian Sau Kwan Loh
          Professor Nahmias is at Santa Clara University, California. His text "Production and Operations Analysis" is a standard. Order [ Amazon Books ] Production and Operations Analysis, by Steven Nahmias today!
          • Mitchell Nahmias
      • MichaelOf blessed memory. d. 1993, age ~79 Nahmias-m. Edith Eisenberg
        • Bonita Nahmias -m. Leonard Messman
          Bonita's sense of humor comes through in this explanation of her name's derivation:
          I was named after Buena and so was Bonnie. My mother (who knew no Spanish) thought Bonnie sounded too much like a nickname and didn't want me to have the same name anyway. So she came up with Bonita, but gave me Buena's Hebrew name of Tova. So that either makes me both good and pretty...... or just pretty good!
          • Kenneth Messman
          • Kevin Messman
        • Edward Nahmias -m. Deena Alterescu
          • Allison Nahmias
          • Andrew Nahmias
  • [Rayna Asaila] -m. (2) *Michael Charles Cassorla
    As far as we know, this couple had only one child, Joseph.
    The year Joseph was born, his half-brother David Nahmias was approximately 15 years old.
    According to family lore, Joseph's first wife—Tillie Farash—died young, and he brought her sister to the US to help care for his young daughter. Later, he married Anna Farash the sister of his first wife.
    • *Joseph "Joe"Of blessed memory. b. in Monastir July 10, 1895, d.?? Cassorla - m. (1) Tillie Farash
      • Rae (Rayna) Cassorla -m. Joe Refowich
        Now of Miami, Florida
        • Leonard Refowich
        • Mark Refowich
        • Adam Refowich
    • [ Joseph Cassorla ] - m. (2) Anna Farash
      After Rae's mother passed away, her aunt, Anna was brought over from Europe to care for Rae. Anna eventually married Joseph, and they had a family together, also.
      • Matilda "Tillie" Cassorla - m. (1) Irving Green
      • [ "Tillie" Cassorla ] - m. (2) Jack Langer
        Formerly of Oakland, CA, now of Las Vegas, NV.
        • [???]
        • [???]
        • [???]
      • Michael Cassorla - m. [??]
          Now of Aventura, Florida.
        • [??] son
      • Esther Cassorla - m. [Dr] MiltonOf blessed memory. Deceased December, 2000ce. Shulman
        Esther married Milton Schulman in 1951 in Indianapolis. Moved away from Indianapolis, after marriage.
        Now of Richardson, Texas.
        • [ Send e-mail ]Ann Shulman -m. Richard Millerick
          Now of Virginia.
          • [???]
          • [???]
        • Linda Shulman
          Now of Arizona.
        • Sam Shulman
          Now of Texas.
        • Nancy Shulman
          Now of Colorado.

This section last updated February 2003ce.
If you are related either by descent or marriage to this family, or if you have relevant information which would supplement or correct what's here, and would like to contribute, send e-mail to:
[ Send e-mail ] monastirli@hotmail.com or [ Send e-mail ] Steven Nahmias
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